Best work on “Evangelism” in a long while – are you a functional Arminian?

Rev. Heath Curtis has rendered a great service to the Church.  He has published his papers and audio recordings from his presentation to a pastor’s conference in Indiana.

Here is the link to his Gottesdienst Online post:


I would suggest reading and re-reading his first paper first (the others are very good as well).  It really offers a sound Lutheran critique of what we are doing as Lutherans and how bad things have gotten in our Synod.  It appears that we have abandoned the doctrine of election in a lot of our practices (especially in regards to evangelism and missions).  This paper really left me with a lot to think about, and even some things to repent of.

For those of you out there who have been burdened by guilt trip after guilt trip for not “witnessing” enough or effectively enough, this paper will liberate you and preach a Gospel that your souls need to hear.  Read it and tell all the others who have been thrown under the law of “evangelism”.

For those of you who have toyed with different evangelism programs over the years, see how Pr. Curtis deconstructs them and shows how most of them have not come from sound Lutheran theology.

It is time to repent – repent of our lack of teaching on election, and repenting of not allowing our practices to flow out of the doctrine of election.

Who says that confessionals are not into evangelism – here in this paper, Pr. Curtis has for the first time in my young reading described real evangelism – all the others are merely law-based false models and efforts.



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