A Christmas Wish (Prayer) List

A Wish List in no particular order:

  • Men and women would consider the Word of God once again as authoritative and efficacious
  • Preachers would remain preachers, and hearers remain hearers (stop the spiritual abuse)
  • Pastors take the Word seriously which says that great harm can come from wrongfully communing
  • Pastors would take seriously the confession of others by their church membership (let the special cases of pastoral care and concern be indeed “rare”)
  • Pastors would stop being islands unto themselves, acting as though their actions didn’t affect their congregation, circuit, district, and Synod
  • Pastors would view their God-given task as the care of souls using the tools that God has given
  • Men would be men, women would be women, children would be a blessing in all situations
  • All would strive to restore and maintain a pure Gospel, and then strive to support its spread in this world
  • Missionaries would be men who are called and ordained to be so – spreading the kingdom of God through Word and Sacrament, and all Christians would seek to do works of love for their neighbor (at home and abroad)
  • Christians would realize the great blessing and comfort of private absolution and seek out the blessing and comfort from their pastors
  • For that matter, restore the Office of the keys in the Church
  • That uniformity would would once again be something for which to strive
  • That the liturgy would be seen as a cradle constructed out of the Word of God which exists to deliver the divinely instituted means of grace to poor sinners who need them
  • That our worship practices would not cater to the Old Adam and his love for entertainment but instead encourage proper piety and the right reception of the means of grace
  • That everyone would take serious the divisions within Christianity and deal with them with integrity, not overlooking them for the sake of having a fake, worldly fellowship
  • That Christ’s prayer for the Unity of His Church would become more visible in our world today (how about a restoration of the Synodical Conference for a start)

OR to sum it all up – Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

God grant these things to His Church – Lord have mercy.

Feel free to add as you like

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