What’s missing?

In the previous post, I linked to two stories put out by the Synod’s Communications team about the relief efforts being managed by the Synod’s World Relief and Human Care office:

I will make an additional contribution to World Relief and Human Care’s Haiti efforts in honor of the first person who notices what is missing from these stories.


What’s missing? — 24 Comments

  1. I think Pastor Stefanski may be right.

    Or maybe I just can’t see the name of the director for all the smoke in the “smoky back room” where the articles originate from.

  2. I read the links for the articles, but then I went to WRHC, and watched Pastor Harrison’s video clip. I have no clue what is missing in this article

    but from what Pastor Harrison said, Pastor’s on the ground are! They have had no contact & cannot account for at least 3 (1/13/2010). This is NOT THE BEGGERED TIME, to do this type of thing. Brothers, who hold the Office, are missing & so are many they serve!
    Let’s not make this about us, let this be about those who need us! Let’s prove our mettle, and show we have hearts & empathy, sympathy & compassion for those who truly need it!

    Molly, if you set it up using PayPal, I’ll put up $400.00, if you start the ball rolling here at BJS. It’s all we have, but it’s less that I wish I could give.

  3. Dutch,

    That was actually my point. This is not the time for Synod, Inc. to play politics. Anyway, no need for us to set up PayPal. If you go to my previous post, you’ll find the link to give your funds directly to World Relief and Human Care.

    Everyone please help!

  4. Molly,
    That is kind of what I hoping (!), but threads can lead to well, unseemly or callous comments. JUst cking Molly, I’ve heard one or two, elsewhere.

    I was kind of hoping, that BJS would set up a fund, to donate & pass on to WRHC. Kind of a few day fund drive. I’m not LCMS Molly, some others here aren’t either. I could give to the funds thru WELS, but if I have a chance to do so thru BJS, I prefer BJS.

    If someone can set it up, BJS can have what little I have, I wish it was more.

  5. Perhaps Ms Ziegler might have checked her source a tad more carefully. The press releases she is trying to make political hay with come not from LCMS Board for Communications but from LCMS World Relief and Human Care!!

    How on earth could she possibly think it is remotely helpful to try to use this tragic situation to advance a political agenda in the Missouri Synod?

    I just wish BJS had the common sense and Christian decency not to post garbage like this.

    Indeed, this is not the time to play politics. So, stop it. Now.

  6. Observer :
    How on earth could she possibly think it is remotely helpful to try to use this tragic situation to advance a political agenda in the Missouri Synod?
    I just wish BJS had the common sense and Christian decency not to post garbage like this.
    Indeed, this is not the time to play politics. So, stop it. Now.

    Considering that Mollie hasn’t yet said what’s missing, your conclusion is ill-founded. If my observation is what she was looking for, it’s still ill-founded, because while Matt Harrison’s name being missing ‘says something’, it’s not absolutely clear what it means. It could be that, yes, someone is eliminating him from publicity, as some pastors in the LCMS I know have been telling me that Harrison is ‘disappearing’ in official synodical print. On the other hand, it could be that Harrison authorized these articles himself…because he sees the need for the work to be done, not for himself to be exalted because it’s being done. Thus, he eliminates himself, so that no one think he is doing his job for the sake of some political advantage, but just because he values the works of mercy going forth as Christ would have them.

    So, regardless, this is not Mollie “being political,” but making an observation…and if it is the observation I made, it can either be that someone in St. Louis should stop being political and eliminating Harrison, that Harrison is not being political himself, or that this apparent trend in reporting is merely coincidental.

    Accusing her for making an observation is the most overt political (and 8th Commandment breaking) act one commit.


  7. BTW: People who are going to accuse others publicly ought to have such courage of their convictions that they use their real name in their post, not a pseudonym. Our laws call for one to be able to face his accuser; God’s Law calls for even more than that.


  8. Observer,
    You did not read Molly’s direct post to me, in #5. In it she stated, “that was my point”. It is the politics that are missing. This is no time for Synod, or anyone else to even insinuate politics let alone play, politics. She wasn’t, nor do I think she intended to begin a thread to do so. Was Pastor Harrison’s name mentioned, no it was not. So what?!
    Do you think he cares about his name being present in a press release? I watched his video feed. You can find his video feed, with those who are unaccounted for at the WRHC site, it was posted on 1/13.
    You have Pastor’s (& those they serve) on the ground there who are unaccounted for, have a care when you post, I say this to you & anyone else who would choose to do the same.

    Molly gave no airs, and was trying to see if we saw no politics involved, not who’s name was missing or who’s name was there. She asked a simple open ended question, that, is not what I gathered from yours, or others here. Let us try, to have a care in this, those who have no water, food, shelter, or protection, (100K -500K people, 40-50% are children, at last count) deserve at least that much from us, in this!

  9. I like Mollie’s point, that the politics are missing.

    It is refreshing to read a straight press release from LCMS Inc. for a change.


  10. Observer,

    Okay, first off, take it down about 20 notches!

    Now, I understand that you’re probably not entirely acquainted with how Synodical Communications work. Basically, program boards do sometimes issue press releases, but we also have a news department that reports ON those program boards. How they report on those program boards is something of interest.

    I do think, as we all seem to agree, that now is not the time for Synod, Inc. to be political.

    So let’s all open up our pockets once more today to donate to our relief and recovery efforts there. I’m sure we all feel frustrated that we can’t actually get to Haiti to help these poor souls.

  11. FWIW, another donation site that has been, for years, boots-on-ground in Haiti


    Meds and Food for Kids in Haiti is an all-volunteer organization that has worked to develop “Medika Mamba,” a “golden” nutrient that is essential in treating sick chidlren and those who are malnourished. Their ability to distribute the food, especially now in the face of food shortages, is incredibly effective.

    The organization isn’t Lutheran, but I am fairly certain that every dollar goes to the children and not to administration, and it has been in Haiti for several years, knows the territory.

    PS: I noticed the lack of an executive director’s name in the press release, as a retired PR person, myself. Tacky to the extreme.

  12. Dutch :
    You did not read Molly’s direct post to me, in #5. In it she stated, “that was my point”. It is the politics that are missing.

    I missed it, too. I think it’s because the OP’s responses end up on the left of the column and I’m more comfortable reading right to left instead of left to right. Either way, as I said, accusing Mollie of having a political intent was just bizarre.


  13. Pastor Stefanski,
    No worries! I’m just thrilled this thread didn’t go south, as I said, I am confident in stating that was not her (Molly) intent. Overstating the obvious, I know. I’m thrilled that Molly & Todd posted! One thing I can say, is I can’t wait until Feb., to hear both of them speak, in person, for real ! I do pray, you are there too. I would love to shake your hand & tell ya, “thanks bunches”.

  14. Molly,
    Great postin #14, btw. My sons’ school (Christ Lutheran) is doing a collection all next week, so if I won, don’t match, just think of BJS, when you do as you are lead.
    The school’s collection is by denominations of $. Monday is pennies-Friday $$. My boys were too small, when the Tsunami hit (thankfully) but this time, we want to include them, they do think on those who have need, they know how blest they are!
    There is a great blessing, in teaching our kids, the duty to serve others (in an echt way). They want to go to their bank tomorrow, & take out, some of their funds, we will make sure… (a bit, enough to make them miss it, to make up for the total I listed above). Kids have HUGE hearts, but this, like all things, are taught, & sharpened, as I am sure you know!!
    Isn’t it amazing, how we tend to be, when the rubber meets the road, but when those we know (if only in spirit) have a need, what wonders, even us “confessionals” can be used for?! We do serve a loving Heavenly Father, do we not ?!

    Can’t wait to hear ya in person, in Christ Always,

  15. Interesting discussion but I am curious about one thing – would if be more offensive to have a press release for Haiti without including Matt Harrison’s name or to have an appeal letter come to my mailbox from WRHC with Rev. Harrison’s picture on the ENVELOPE (in addition to the letter within)? I’m thinking it s the picture but that’s just me.

  16. @Jim Gallagher #19

    Well, Jim Gallegher, you do know where the appeal is coming from!
    In some offices that might save it from the round file, in others its fate may be sealed by the ID.

    That moustache is almost unique in lcms (but we’ve got one to match it in my office). 🙂

  17. It was GLARING!!!! I read about the aid being organized in my local paper this morning, The St Louis Post-Dispatch and not a word about future LCMS President Matthew Harrison. Disgraceful

  18. PS……love the mustache. HATE those ridiculous goatees men are sporting these days…….especially bald men. Sorry but the razor should be your best friend unless you live in the 1500’s

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