Raw Report from Denver

The following was left anonymously on another string and is our first raw data out of the Blue Ribbon regional gathering in Denver. If you attended we would love to read your comments below. (Pastor Rossow)

December 6th, 2009 at 01:22 | #24
The meeting in Denver

It was civil. It was well orchestrated by Synod Inc and predictably controlled. SP Kieschnick stayed mostly in background and kept a low profile throughout. It was not real productive but more productive than I thought it would be. Panel of 3 involved in the task force took written and oral questions on specific areas of the proposal. They rarely gave an inch, listened and gave an answer…not always to the point. Again, the proceeding was civil and no fist fights. I did learn a few things while there but nothing that would sway my opinion much, but it does give me a bit more to think about as I go over this again. The delegates were able to point out some items that the floor committee will have to take into consideration. There were two members of the floor committee present. Since these days they like to use business terms to describe things, I would say we did not get the bang for our buck. It was somewhat helpful, but for the cost, no way. Speaking of cost, it was brought up and Inc. gave a off the top guesstimate, but then quickly pointed out that Thrivent had contributed $500K to the process. Why would they do that? (Thrivent) If you go, it will be quickly paced and run right on time to the minute. They will split folks up having pre-assigned seating. They will give seemingly rehearsed and defensive answers, though they do go to offense at times. Nothing will be accomplished but you will have a better idea of what they were thinking, and will see what the opinions of others are. I believe I was able to identify two plants during the verbal questions. Of everything, it seemed that the name change proposal is going to be DOA at convention. The hot buttons are proposed changes to by-laws; number of, who is, and how delegates are made in future; how elections are handled-nomination and voting; adding regions on top of districts as well as more decision making at district; floor committees having power of what overtures make it for consideration. SP made a not so subtle threat of doom and disaster should this thing get shot down completely. So if you are going to one of these, put away your swords and bring your best verbal A-Game because this is going to get talked to death. The best thing, I made new friends and allies as I am fairly new to this. That’s how I saw it, hopefully you will get other views to give a bigger panaramic picture of this. Over and out.

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