KFUO’s budget increase, from Mollie

Recently we discussed how odd it was that the KFUO budget would increase for the coming year when David Strand claimed that Issues, Etc. had to be canceled for financial reasons.

It gets stranger. One of my sources tells me that KFUO is spending some of its new, increased budget on . . . get, this . . . a remodeling of the downstairs kitchen.

I’m sure the Council of Presidents, Board for Communication Services and Board of Directors will be doing due diligence on all of this.

It is kind of disheartening to realize that David Strand canceled Issues, Etc. so that Manager of the Year Dennis Stortz and the FM jocks could enjoy new tile and countertops, isn’t it.


KFUO’s budget increase, from Mollie — 10 Comments

  1. They could get fed out of a brown bag at their desks, if dwindling finances were a factor at KFUO!

  2. I think I need to take humor lessons. I meant that they cut us off from our spiritual food, and then they turn around and fill their own stomaches. Wrong priorities. Yes, they can eat out of their own brown bags. Amen.

  3. Mollie, thanks for this tidbit…I think. Has this info been verified yet? This is quite distressing, given the excuses that have come out so far. A kitchen remodel in our church takes place through members donating their old refrigerator, old microwave, old silverware. Of course we splurge ($25!) for a new coffeemaker at Target. We do have our priorities!

    Thanks again for the info. Can you tell us if there has been verification?

    Blessings on your work. You’ve been most informative, and when it comes, very reliable.

    Jeremy Loesch

  4. Jeremy,

    I am hoping to get a copy of the budget which, depending on detail, will allow us to find out exactly why the KFUO budget increased while Todd and Jeff were fired — supposedly for financial reasons.

    Unfortunately, the LCMS Board of Communications — on which I used to serve — has failed to respond to any of my inquiries for the last 3 months.

    It is my experience that very few folks at the International Center feel that they should be transparent about financial or bureaucratic issues.

    I’ve made a few inquiries for the budget but haven’t received anything yet. To be fair, it’s the heart of summer and people are on vacation, etc.

    I will keep you posted!

  5. I have it on pristine authority that the kitchen is being remodeled with some of the money (authority says much of that money came from a grant). Reports also that there is only one kitchen.

  6. Would it be too much of a stretch to wonder if the grantor
    had “remodeling the kitchen” in mind when the funds were

  7. Funds designated for a kitchen updo? Well…. who knows.

    I was told that to prevent any donation$ from going to the Purple Vatican, a donor could earmark money to go to a precise piece of equipment that the station needed.

    Perhaps tile and countertops were the equipment so earmarked in this case.

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