Stacking the Deck in Favor of the Blue Ribbon Proposals: Forewarned is Forearmed, by Scott Diekmann

(Editor’s Note by Pastor Rossow: We believe President Kieschnick is manipulating the results of the surveys on the Blue Ribbon Task Force Recommendations at District Conventions. Read Scott Diekman’s well researched story here and see what you think. (Scott normally … Continue reading

Wrap-Up from Ft. Wayne: Conversation with Cwirla, Faculty Member to Post on BJS, by Pr. Rossow

I am back in Naperville now, teaching confirmation, preparing Sunday Bible class and catching up on a few administrative tasks. Before leaving Ft. Wayne yesterday I had a nice conversation with Rev. Bill Cwirla and also had a faculty member … Continue reading

Notes on the Liturgy #16 — Preface and Proper Preface

This entry is part 16 of 22 in the series Notes on the Liturgy

(One of the goals of Brothers of John the Steadfast is to train the Brothers in good practice and theology. This article is one in a series that teaches about the liturgy. … Continue reading

Series on Christ-centered, Cross-focused preaching. From Pr. Wilken

Dear Friend of Issues, Etc., When it came to preaching, St. Paul had a very simple standard: “We preach Christ crucified.” (1 Corinthians 1:23) But have you noticed that many are preaching the Christian rather than the Christ, Self-Help rather … Continue reading

Why the LCMS is not Living up to its Potential in Missions, Or Why We Need To, by Pr. Klemet Preus

(Editor’s Note: This is the first in a four part series from Pastor Preus. All of his posts can be found archived in the Brothers’ Cafe.)   It’s been a couple of months since one of the district presidents referred … Continue reading

Bulletin Insert Sample for BJS National Conference

In case you haven’t thought of it for your church, here is a “bulletin insert” that I put in my church bulletin this and next Sunday. If you have a contact person at your church who knows about BJS and … Continue reading

Scoops and Meeting the Brothers in Ft. Wayne, by Pr. Rossow

I heard a couple of interesting things while in Fort Wayne today and got to meet some great BJS folks. First the details on meeting the Brothers. About half the people  that walked by the booth have spent time on … Continue reading

Meeting Lots of Brothers in Fort Wayne, by Pr. Rossow

We have a booth set up at the Confessional Symposium here in Ft. Wayne. I have been quite busy greeting Brothers and hawking some of our new publications and so I have not had time to post any new stories … Continue reading

If We had a Prize for the Best New Chapter St. Paul Lockport, Illinois Would Get It

The chapter at Pastor Hein’s church in Lockport, Illinois is really taking off. (Pastor Hein writes our “Headship Column.”) They even have a chapter newsletter. Here is their latest edition. January 2009 Newsletter Brothers of John the Steadfast, Lockport Fellowship, … Continue reading

An Inauguration Day Gift from Cartoonist Rev. Scott Blazek

Continue reading

William Ayers Denied Access to Canada But Concordia Profs Allowed to Support Him, by Pastor Rossow

It was reported today that William Ayers was denied access to Canada Sunday night due to his criminal record and yet Dr. Johnson has allowed several of his professors to keep their names on a petition which supports Ayers personally … Continue reading

The Hubris of Ablaze! Or Why I oppose Ablaze and Feel Kind of Guilty About It, by Pr. Klemet Preus

(Editor’s Note: This is part five in a five part series based on insider David Vaughn’s unique critique of the Ablaze program.)   In a recent article entitled, “A Policy analysis of the Ablaze! Movement,” written by David Vaughn, the … Continue reading

Reading through the Book of Concord, week of Jan 19th

One of the goals of the Brothers of John the Steadfast is the creation of reading groups whose intention is to get with a Pastor and read through the Book of Concord. For those people who do not have access … Continue reading

Update from Pastor Gary Wright and the Quad Cities Chapter of John the Steadfast

At our January chapter meeting, the brothers feasted on biscuits and sausage gravy as we discussed Article IV of the Augsburg Confession and its Apology. We had a new individual attend from Holy Cross, Moline, Illinois. We look forward to … Continue reading

Steadfast Lessons of the Past – A Poem by Kurt Marquart

(Editor’s Note: The Brothers of John the Steadfast are honored to let this beautiful little poem see the light of the public eye  for the very first time.)   What appears below are the words of a true Brother of … Continue reading

High Honor for the Brothers – District President Dan Gilbert to Preach at the National Conference

Northern Illinois District President Dan Gilbert will be preaching the Vespers service Friday evening, February 13 at the Brothers of John the Steadfast National Conference. This is truly a high honor for the Brothers. We are also pleased to announce … Continue reading

BJS Booth at the Ft. Wayne Confessional Symposium Next Week

If you are going to the Symposia next week in Ft. Wayne be sure to look us up among the vendor booths during the Confessions part of the week. We will be upstairs in Loehe Hall, one floor above the … Continue reading

Epic Ablaze! money fail, by Mollie

We’ve discussed before how poorly Ablaze! has done according to its own rigid counting criteria. We’re supposed to Gospel touch 100 million people by 2017 and are less than 10 percent of the way to the goal — even though … Continue reading

Study Guide Available for Rev. Matthew Harrison’s “It’s Time”

There is  a study guide available to help individuals and groups (elders, church councils, confessions reading groups, Bible classes, etc.) work through Rev. Harrison’s popular paper titled “It’s Time.” Click here for the study guide. Harrison’s paper is finding fans … Continue reading

How Helpful is it to Criticize our Mission Heritage? by Pr. Klemet Preus

(Editor’s Note: This is part four in a five part series based on insider David Vaughn’s unique critique of the Ablaze program.)   In a recent article entitled, “A Policy analysis of the Ablaze! Movement,” written by David Vaughn, the … Continue reading

Speeding through the liturgy, by Mollie

A couple of Sundays ago, I visited a Romanian Orthodox church to witness the chrismation of some of my friends. I have been to more than a few Orthodox services, owing to my grandfather’s business partnership with an Orthodox gentleman … Continue reading

BJS Muse Responds Poetically to the Recent Deaths of Neuhaus and Elisa: Paralell Lives – Ein Lutherisches Märchen, by Jon Townsend

(Editor’s Note: Jon Townsend is a creative brother. He is the one who writes and produces the BJS ads on Issues, Etc. His posts can be found on our Regular Columns page under the title of “I Desire Mercy and … Continue reading

Clarification on “Dog Ministry,” by Pr. Rossow

I just got a phone call from  a good confessional laymen who checks in periodically and he was concerned that too many posts like the “dog ministry” one would make us come off as whiners. It is a good concern. … Continue reading

Syncretism of any kind, by Mollie

I’m bunkering down here in the nation’s capital, preparing for the road closures, bridge closures, parking restrictions and general mayhem that will come with the inaugural festivities for our new president. I have no plans to attend (have you been … Continue reading

Dog Ministry? You Can’t Make this Stuff Up, by Pr. Tim Rossow

(Editor’s Note: In addition to the editor’s blog on occassion I update my column “The LCMS in Her Own Words.” It can be found on the “Regular Columns Page.”) Just this morning I received the following e-mail story as a … Continue reading