Speaking of Homosexuality, What is the Role of District and Synod Leaders in Keeping the Unity of Doctrine and Practice? By Pr. Rossow

In the first six months of the existence of the Brothers of John the Steadfast website I have spent more time in the synodical handbook than in all my previous twenty years of service in the pastorate combined. (Please pray … Continue reading

Improvements to Navigation on This Site

A quick announcement from your behind-the-scenes programmer here at BJS .. I’ve added a “Related Posts” section to the right column when you are reading posts. In most cases, this should bring up a listing of additional posts that are … Continue reading

BOD Executive Sessions (Mollie)

Sometimes boards enter into executive sessions to discuss sensitive matters that the members don’t want heard by a larger populace — either by visitors to the board meeting or through meeting minutes. At the Board of Directors meeting in swanky … Continue reading

All Bets are Off – Bethlehem, Renton Site Back Up Again, by Pr. Rossow

Well, who knows what is going on? The Bethlehem, Renton site is back up again. We will keep an eye on it and also let you know about any communication we have with synodical officials on this matter. We also … Continue reading

The Book of Concord Quiz is popular!

Thanks to all of you who have taken the Book of Concord Quiz that we recently published! It’s nice to know that 138 of you have already taken it! If you haven’t taken it yet, be sure to try out … Continue reading

Interesting Development ““ Bethlehem Renton Website is Down, by Pr. Rossow

This is a followup to our previous post on this topic. Yesterday afternoon I started to dial the phone number of the Northwest district in order to check in with President Schumacher to see if there was any action being … Continue reading

Image on the Walther League 1961 Booklet

This is a quick announcement of a new posting on a previous article, so people can go look. I will remove this posting within 24 hours. A quick note — I know when I read the lastest Steadfast Lutherans of … Continue reading

The Emerging Church, Part 3: What Gospel? By Scott Diekman

(This is part three of a five part series on the Emergent Church.)   In Part 2 of our series, we discovered how beliefs in the Emerging Church are often created through a triad of community, experience, and Scripture, as … Continue reading

Not LCMS? No problem at LCMS, Inc.! (Mollie)

We discussed a few weeks ago the sudden departure of LCMS World Mission executive director Rev. Robert Roegner. His interim replacement is the Rev. Tom Zehnder. Today, Synod, Inc. sent around a call for nominations for the executive director position. … Continue reading

Luther Academy’s Indonesia Project, by Pr. Preus

My church has $8000 burning a hole in its pocket and you can help us spend it. I get frustrated with opportunities to support mission organizations, churches or synods only to learn that 20%, 30% or even 50% of my … Continue reading

The Brothers Keep Growing: The Newest and Ninth Chapter Just Formed in Texas

“The Men of Faith” is the newest Brothers of John the Steadfast chapter and it is in Plano, Texas. Their pastoral advisers are Rev. James Woelmer and Rev. Jacob Sutton at Faith Lutheran Church in Plano  and their lay chapter … Continue reading

The LCMS in Her Own Words: Another Guru for Us to Follow, by Pastor Rossow

(This post is part of the regular series “The LCMS in Her Own Words” and is archived on our Regular Columns page.)   In this column we look at material that comes right out of LCMS sources and then critique … Continue reading

Reading through the Book of Concord, week of Dec 15th

For those of you who have said that you want to start the Online Reading Group when we start at the beginning of the Book of Concord — make note that it’s coming up soon! Be sure to start reading … Continue reading

Notes on the Liturgy #12 – The Sermon

This entry is part 12 of 22 in the series Notes on the Liturgy

(One of the goals of Brothers of John the Steadfast is to train the Brothers in good practice and theology. This article is one in a series that teaches about the liturgy. … Continue reading

Ugly as Sin (Mollie)

There’s a good book on church architecture with that title and it is woefully adequate for describing way too many houses of worship in this country. And while I’m not sure if the current decade is a low for church … Continue reading

BJS National Conference: If They Can Make it from Florida and Washington, then so Can You

Registrations for the Brothers of John the Steadfast National Conference are already coming in. We have people registered from as close as Naperville and central Illinois, and as far away as Florida and the state of Washington. If they can … Continue reading

The Kindling afer the LCMS’s Long Winter, by Phillip Magness

(Editor’s Note: This is a comment on Pastor Otten’s article yesterday on the Walther League in Canada. Regularly there are comments on this site that deserve a wider audience. I wish I could post them all. This one caught my … Continue reading

Speaking of BJS in Canada, Walt Otten Checks in with Steadfast Lutherans from the Past

(A few weeks ago we heralded the first international BJS chapter. It is up in Ontario, Canada. Pastor Otten in his regular column takes us north of the border again for another Steadfast Lesson from the Past. Be sure to … Continue reading

A BJS Visit to the Issues Etc. Studio and a Gift, by Pr. Rossow

A few weeks ago when I attended the Walther Conference I stopped by the Issues Etc. Studio to see the new digs and to get a sense of the place from which the incredibly rich theology and spot on cultural … Continue reading

The Emerging Church, Part 2: A “Chastened Hermeneutic”

(Editor’s Note: The posts and comments on this site often include jargon and terms that are not understood by all of our readers. In an effort to explain one of those terms Scott Diekmann has written a 5 part series … Continue reading

Should a Pastor Participate in the Gay Games? by Pr. Robert Niehus

(Pr. Niehus is one of our regular columnists. His column is titled “Church News Watch and Commentary.” His beat is the Chicago area, the Northern Illinois District and the church at large. His posts can be found on the Regular … Continue reading

A New Hymn for Christmastide, by Pr. Fred Baue

(Editor’s Note: In the last few days we have  emphasized the gay agenda in the LCMS, and there is more to come on this,  but remembering that BJS is  more about building up the church than  it is critiquing the … Continue reading

Will President Kieschnick Put His Strong Stance Against Homosexuality Into Practice In Our Own Synodical Backyard? by Pr. Rossow

President Kieschnick has spent a lot of time and energy in the last few months fighting against the passage of gay marriage initiatives around the country. Even though we wish that he would spend more time fighting within the synod … Continue reading

The LCMS is Sick: Music Director at Bethlehem – Renton, Washington is a Homosexual/Lesbian Promoter, by Pr. Rossow

As a part of my visit to the Northwest last week I was alerted to an alarming situation in our sister LCMS congregation, Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Renton, Washington. The Music Director is involved in the sinful homosexual and lesbian … Continue reading

Notes on the Liturgy #11 – The Hymn & Hymns

This entry is part 11 of 22 in the series Notes on the Liturgy

(One of the goals of Brothers of John the Steadfast is to train the Brothers in good practice and theology. This article is one in a series that teaches about the liturgy. … Continue reading