The Wild Boar Points Us to a Great Marquart Article on Worship from 30 Years Ago

The “Wild Boar Loose in the Forest” blogger points us to a great article on worship written by Prof. Kurt Marquart. It is found in CTQ – Concordia Theological Quarterly, October of 1978 and reprinted below. Speaking of the liturgy, … Continue reading

The WELS convention, by Rick Techlin

Rick Techlin, a BJS  reader  and a blogger is posting information about the Wisconsin Synod Convention (WELS) convention in Saginaw, Michigan on his blog. We will be posting periodic snippets here on the the BJS site; readers who want more … Continue reading

LCMS museum opens

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports: KIRKWOOD — The second-largest Lutheran denomination in North America opened a museum Sunday at its international headquarters on Kirkwood Road, telling the story of its growth since being founded in 1847 in the St. Louis … Continue reading

Walking Together Down Different Roads: Is Synod an Oxymoron? by Pr Kurt Hering

Pastor Kurt Hering wrote this back in 2006 on his blog and has since posted it on his newsletter site. Many of the points  are still matters of controversy yet today. Here follows something of a 21st century manifestation of … Continue reading

Letter to the Laity ““ Mutual Conversation and Consolation of the Brethren in these Challenging Times, Part II (of III), by Pr. Rob Jarvis

(Pastor Rob Jarvis is involved with the CLCC group. Like BJS they seek to equip laymen to know and support Confessional Lutheranism. CLCC posts are archived on the Regular Columns page of this website.) Last time we talked about the … Continue reading

Influenza and communion

So the husband has flu and it is, apparently, swine flu. It makes me wonder how LCMS congregations have historically handled influenza outbreaks vis-a-vis communion. Anyone know? … Continue reading

Listening to Issues, Etc. – Another New Confessional Lutheran Convert, by Pr. Rossow

One of the many blessings of heading up the Brothers of John the Steadfast is the people I get to meet. Yesterday I got a phone call from someone trying to get a hold of the first three issues of … Continue reading

Analysis: Contemporary vs. Traditional Worship

Here is a posting that we found on the Vocation in the Valley ( written by Brian Yamabe, one of the commentors on this site. (Vocation in the Valley has been a past Issues Etc blog of the week.) While … Continue reading

What Exactly is Evangelism and is that Even the Proper Name for It? A Response to the Recent Steadfast Quarterly, by Pr. Dean Kavouras

(Editor’s Note: We received this note this week and it is further proof that this recent edition of the Steadfast Quarterly is upholding the high standard of this periodical set by its first three issues. To receieve the Quarterly select … Continue reading

The Catechumenate Reimagined: Our Next Steadfast Parish Feature from the Quarterly, By Elaine Gavin

(Editor’s Note: Each quarter The Brothers of John the Steadfast identifies a steadfast parish and highlights it for the readers of our Steadfast Quarterly. The latest Steadfast Quarterly has been mailed out to all our members and  as in previous … Continue reading

Review of Matt Harrison’s Book “At Home in My Father’s House”

Professor John Pless from the Fort Wayne Seminary runs a page on Facebook dedicated to Matt Harrison’s new book which is to be published this fall. Albert Collver has published a review of the book there which we have reproduced … Continue reading

Sr. Editor from CPH has a Word on the New Study Bible for the Brothers of John the Steadfast

(Editor’s Note: We thank Rev. Engelbrecht for taking the time to comment on our site.   He posted this comment on our story from last week.) Dear readers at John The Steadfast,   Greetings in Christ. The videos are just … Continue reading

Kieschnick oversees financial freefall (Mollie)

In 2000, the LCMS had $28.4 million in unrestricted funds to allocate to mission and ministry (most funds are restricted by their donors for particular purposes). President Kieschnick was elected as Synodical President in 2001. Since his election, that number … Continue reading

Wouldn’t It be Great to have Unity and Growth in the LCMS? A Sneak Peak at the Cover of Rev. Harrison’s New Book

A picture speaks a thousand words and so does a subtitle. Check out the subtitle of Rev. Harrison’s new book: Presidential Sermons, Essays, Letters and Addresses from the Missouri Synod’s Era of Unity and Growth We thank one of our … Continue reading

A Hill to Die On? By Pastor Kurt Hering

This article by Pastor Hering was original published in his May email lists and is also posted on the web on his newsletter postings on the LCMSsermons site. Given the recent issues talking about this subject, BJS thought this article … Continue reading

Two Profound Sides of the Church Etiquette Discussion

We are getting some profound comments on Pastor Hein’s post on church etiquette. It has sparked insight on both sides of the issue. First we have “Dutch” reminding us that we ought not to be Pharisaical in our approach to … Continue reading

“At Home in My Father’s House” – Book to be Published Soon by Matt Harrison

It is nice to see that one of the front-running candidates for synodical president is honing is theological and translating skills. Check out this post from July 7 on Matt Harrison’s blog and you can see him at work on … Continue reading

Lutheran Preaching is the Answer, by Rev. Kurt Hering

Rev. Kurt Hering has made an audio recording of a Luther sermon and written a fine admonishment to Lutheran pastors about law/gospel preaching. We encourage our BJS pastors to take it to heart and our BJS laity to encourage their … Continue reading


The 99th Convention of the largest District in the LCMS was held Sunday, June 28 – Wednesday, July 1.   Below is a rundown of the significant happenings.         Convention Theme:   “Celebrate Jesus” (Philippians 2:9-11).   … Continue reading

Pictures from the Issues Etc. One Year Anniversary

Phillip and Cheryl Magness drove from Naperville, Illinois down to Colinsville, Illinois on Tuesday (about four and a half hours) to represent BJS and to celebrate with Pastor Todd Wilkin and producer Jeff Schwarz, the one year anniversary of the … Continue reading

Indiana District Convention – A View from the Floor, by Glen Piper

(Editor’s Note – We thank regular BJS website reader Glen Piper for this summary of the Indiana District Convention. You can also read this and his other posts on his blog.) On Thu 6/25 & Fri 6/26, the Indiana District … Continue reading

Begging the Question in BRTFSSG Proposal #19, by Pr. Lincoln Winter

(Editor’s Note: Lincoln Winter is pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church Wheatland in southeastern Wyoming. I last knew of Lincoln when he was a member of the Northern Illinois Confessional Lutherans and was instrumental in the writing of “That They May … Continue reading

Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) Inaugural Assembly: A Report from the Floor

(Editor’s Note: This is  a delegate report from the recent meeting of the conservative Episcopalians and Anglicans who have formed a new “communion.” The delegate is reporting back to a neighboring conservative Anglican congregation – All Souls, Wheaton, Illinois – … Continue reading

The BRTFSG Takes Another Serious Hit from a District Convention – Summary from Rocky Mt. District

President Kieschnick’s  Blue Ribbon Task Force on Structure and Governance has taken another beating from an LCMS district convention, this time the Rocky Mt. District. A summary of the entire convention  has been posted  on a blog titled  Colorado Rocky … Continue reading

A Great Luther Hymn that Sings A Different Tune in Response to the LCMS’s Dance with Emergent and Church Growth Principles

(Editor’s Note: This comment was written  by O. Young on the Alley Manifesto post and is too good to keep on the comments page.)   In light of all the recent discussion around TheAlley, the MNS convention and orthodox confessionalism, … Continue reading