Light from Light — Pictures from the 2015 BJS Conference

Thanks to BJS reader Rick Techlin for posting this pictoral review of the BJS conference on his blog, Light from Light:   The Brothers Of John the Steadfast held their annual conference in Naperville, Illinois on February 20 & 21, … Continue reading

Video Presentations from BJS 2015 Conference

We are pleased to announce the videos are now available from the recent Brothers of John the Steadfast 2015 Conference held at Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL on Feb 20-21st. Thanks to Peter Slayton for helping getting these recordings … Continue reading

Audio presentations from BJS 2015 Conference

While we are waiting for the videos to be prepared, we thought it might be a good idea to release the audio of the various presentations at the Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference held in Naperville, IL on February … Continue reading

2015 Conference Wrap Up — dealing with heterodoxy at home

I am finally back home and can write this up – The conference ended on Saturday after a great set of presentations.  During the morning we received a great presentation on Doctrine AND Practice by Rev. Larry Beane, who did … Continue reading

Day One Wrap Up and Hopes for Day Two

Well day one of the 2015 BJS Conference has ended.  It was a good day.  It is a first in the LCMS to have a conference which openly wants to discuss the topic of heterodoxy and how it is best … Continue reading

Confessional Lutheranism is Alive and Well – 225 Gather to Hear about Heterodoxy Hitting Home, by Pr. Rossow

We have our highest registration ever in the six year history of our annual BJS Conference. They are here from Massachusetts, Texas, California, Florida, Wyoming, and even from Kenya, Africa (Rev. James May). For those who are here you have … Continue reading

Speakers on Heterodoxy High Alert, The Spirit and Great Spirits, Live Recordings, Africa, Bacon and More – Welcome to the Brothers’ Big Conference and Party, by Pr Rossow

Today we welcome over 200 folks to our annual conference here in Naperville, Illinois. Welcome travelers and those who may be tracking us on these posts on line. Norm, Rev. Scheer, Rev. May, Rev. Henrickson, and I will all be … Continue reading

Welcome to the NEW Brothers of John the Steadfast!

You may have noticed the new look to the Brothers of John the Steadfast site. We’ve been working behind the scenes for quite a while (embarrassingly long to be exact) and for the 2015 BJS Conference we have introduced a … Continue reading

Steadfast Throwdown — Doctrine and/or Practice

Latest post over on SteadfastThrowdown talking about (and giving a preview) of Pastor Larry Beane’s presentation at the 2015 BJS Conference:   Pastor Larry Beane will present at the 2015 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference on the theme “Doctrine … Continue reading

No Pietist Allowed Parties – Making a List of Favorite International Beers, by Pr. Rossow

In honor of Rev. James May, the Director of Lutherans in Africa (LIA) coming to the BJS conference this year, at one of our “No Pietists Allowed” parties we will be serving international beers. When I was over in Africa … Continue reading

Conference News – New “Becker Rate” for conference. Save $10.

With the news that the LCMS has been unable to deal with dissenters to our stance on women’s ordination and the evolution, it might be a good idea to come up to our conference on Feb 20-21 in Naperville, IL. … Continue reading

BJS Conference 2015 .. Register in the next two days to save / Leather BoC drawing

Remember — the deadline for saving $10 on your registration for the upcoming conference is coming up SOON. Register by January 20th (a month before the conference) to save $10 on your registration! Click here to register now for the … Continue reading

Conference Update — now with prizes and new t-shirts…

For those of you who haven’t registered yet (this year has been our best early registration year yet) there is still time to register for the 2015 National Conference of the Brothers of John the Steadfast.  This year’s speakers should … Continue reading

The 2015 BJS Conference: Frostbite, Liturgical Dance and Heterodoxy! (Oh My!)

In a little over a month, my wife and I will be setting off for a 2 night stay in beautiful Naperville, Illinois. That’s right, in the dead of winter, we are willingly traveling from an already cold Toledo suburb … Continue reading

Sermon from the 2013 BJS Conference

We are reposting this as a reminder to our users on what they might expect at the 2015 conference — be sure to register for the conference, especially taking advantage of the early register discount before Jan 20th, 2015.   … Continue reading

Cuisine for BJS Conference Set: The Lutheran Church Basement – We Need Your Ideas, by Pr. Rossow

The 2015 BJS Conference cuisine has just been announced. The two day conference will include all the usuals (manly man breakfast, Chicago pizza banquet, complimentary snacks for the road, the infamous no pietists allowed parties, etc.) served with the usual … Continue reading

What can you expect in Naperville in February?

Snow?  Maybe, though I hope not as I will be traveling by land from Wyoming.  But seriously, why is the BJS conference worth attending.  There are no shortage of great conferences out there (ACELC, ACL, CCA, Symposia…) so what is … Continue reading

Registration for BJS Conference, February 20 & 21, 2015

We have just opened registration for our upcoming conference. We have set the rates at $65 per person, $100 per couple, or $45 for students. An early registration rate of $10 off of these rates is available if you register … Continue reading

2015 BJS Conference News… “When Heterodoxy Hits Home”

With great joy the Brothers of John the Steadfast announce our 2015 Conference, held once again at Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL. February 20-21, 2015 Topic: “When Heterodoxy Hits Home” Speakers: Pr. Larry Beane Pr. Hans Fiene Pr. Clint … Continue reading