Who Really Gets Saved?

The following is written in response to an ELCA article in “The Lutheran” entitled “Who Gets Saved” which taught universalism.  You can find it here.  This article is written by Pastor Paul Fries of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  The original … Continue reading

How to make it through church with children — Guest post by Holly Scheer

Sitting calmly in one spot, standing on cue, holding a hymnal without letting it become a projectile, going for communion without scaling the rail- do these sound like your goals for your little ones for church? How can an hour … Continue reading

Lutheran Schools and the Small Catechism — guest article by Andrew Strickland

Christmas shopping is always an exciting endeavor. By exciting I mean terrifyingly hectic. By terrifyingly hectic I mean I wish I had gotten it done much earlier. On one of those shopping adventures I ran into a former student. We … Continue reading

Poisonous perfection and the importance of forgiveness — Guest Article by Holly Scheer

How often when dealing with a particularly offensive transgression have you asked your child, “Why did you do that?” If they couldn’t answer in a satisfactory way, did it make you even more upset? I have had that happen to … Continue reading

Augustana Ministerium

[Please circulate the following far and wide; this need and so many other needs of hurting pastors and their families are so great, and we can only help meet those needs if ‘everyone’ hears about them.] To those who have … Continue reading

Hot for Preacher — The issue of lust in the church.

Lust. To be honest, this seems to get a lot more attention as a man’s sin. Men – with their visual-driven minds – are warned against the danger of this sin repeatedly. And we know lust exists in the church. … Continue reading

Advent in the home — Guest article by Holly Scheer

Advent has begun again. It’s easy and tempting to treat Advent as a pre-Christmas but it’s so much more. Advent is waiting for the coming of Christ. It’s a time of remembrance and expectation. It’s exciting, all on it’s own. … Continue reading

Steadfast Guest — My Atheist Experience

Associate Editor’s note:  This article comes from Vanessa whose blog states that she is “an Army National Guard wife, a working mom of two, a craft beer lover, an avid traveler and reluctant adventurer, a writer, a confessional Lutheran, a … Continue reading

Steadfast Guest — Children are on loan from God by Holly Scheer

On December 31, 2008, my husband and I spent our anniversary in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of a children’s hospital in Minneapolis, Mn.  The day before I had gone to the bigger city in the next county from … Continue reading

Guest Article — ELCA Has Biggest Split in American Church History

by Rev. Kevin Vogts Since shortly after its formation in 1988 the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has been fixated on deviant sexual behavior, culminating in the endorsement of homosexual pastors in 2009, homosexual “marriage” in 2011, and the election … Continue reading

Harrison elected to second term as LCMS president

Found on LCMS.org:   The Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison has been elected to his second term as president of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Harrison received 4,262 votes, or 66 percent of the 6,432 ballots cast. Of the other two … Continue reading

Luther’s Small Catechism Part 3 The Second Commandment

Our BJS Catechism Series continues with Part 3, the Second Commandment. This one features Pastor May from Lutherans in Africa. Pr. May does this kind of Catechetical work all of the time as he travels through Africa teaching African Church … Continue reading

Steadfast Moms — encouragement to get those little ones to church

by Holly Scheer Hey, you. I see your tired face. I know that this morning while trying to brush your teeth your kid knocked over your coffee. I know that finding clean socks for everyone can sometimes be embarrassingly difficult. … Continue reading

Luther’s Small Catechism Part 2 The First Commandment

Our BJS Catechism Series continues with Part 2, the First Commandment. Watch for these and share it with your friends, you will not be disappointed. And as the summer goes by, keep coming back for more installments. For those pastors … Continue reading

The Unchurched Student — A guest article by teacher Andrew Strickland

There is a line from Charles Porterfield Krauth’s The Conservative Reformation and It’s Theology that jumped out at me so strongly[1] that, while slightly out of context, sparked the idea for this article: “At once as a cause and a … Continue reading

A Missionary and Catechist to Eurasia by Douglas M. Denzler

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me. (Isaiah 6:8) One Sunday evening last spring my wife and I were watching … Continue reading

Steadfast Sermon — Pr. Bruce Timm on Lent 2 (Year C)

We receive submissions for articles from time to time and this time Pr. Bruce Timm of Redeemer Lutheran in St. Cloud, MN submitted this sermon for your encouragement.  Pr. Timm is the pastor of one of our newest regular authors, … Continue reading

University Lutheran Chapel’s new home named. By Douglas M. Denzler

The members of University Lutheran Chapel held their regular voters meeting today (Sunday).  One of the items on the agenda was to finally give the “Faculty House” a more fitting name.  After narrowing down the selections to 3 names, it … Continue reading

Women in combat? The Law has been changed – But the original question must still be answered by Rev. William Foy

Associate Editor’s note:  This article is a guest article by Rev. William Foy, pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Valparaiso, IN.  He was my wife’s pastor and is also the godparent of my second child.  As a former … Continue reading

A New Era — A Guest Article by Rev. Nathan Raddatz

 Those who work closest in the area of ethnic mission efforts, understand how difficult it is to begin an ethnic church that becomes self-supportive in a reasonable amount of time.  I think it is time to move into A New … Continue reading

Wise words from a Doctor of the Church in praise of pastors you never hear about.

As Dr. Gard wrote this while serving as a military chaplain deployed oversees, let us all remember to pray for our Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen who serve and God uses to provide for week after week of … Continue reading

A Connecticut Shooting in Satan’s Court

Twenty children, six educators, a mother, and a gunman dead in Newtown, CT.  Across the United States there has been an outpouring of grief.  At our congregation’s inner-city school, with 230 children from infants to 8th grade, the tragedy has … Continue reading

Sermon — Pr. Matt Gunia — Sermon in Response to the School Shooting

Rev. Matthew Gunia Sermon in Response to the School Shooting in Newton, Connecticut Advent 3, Series C Preached at St. John, Niles, IL 16 December 2012 Grace, mercy, and peace be yours from God, our Father, and Jesus Christ, out … Continue reading

Six Worship Theses for Concordia University Wisconsin

The following theses have been published in The Lutheran Witness in April, 2000. These worship theses are designed to point the campus community to the Savior Jesus Christ, who offers Word and sacrament, as the only way to eternal life … Continue reading

Augustana Ministerium — An Urgent Request

14 November 2012 Every sentence I write falls short. I will, therefore, try to be as brief as possible, since all attempted eloquence fails: The Rev. Dan Chambers was joyfully serving the Lord at this time last year, shepherding the … Continue reading