Steadfast Marquart — The Sacrament – An Easter Affair

Below is an article of the late Professor Kurt Marquart’s, written for The Lutheran (Australia), published 18 June, 1984. The previous year he had returned to Australia for a speaking tour and then his lectures were later published as a … Continue reading

Steadfast Marquart — Abortion and Luther’s Two Kingdoms Theology

The following is an excerpt from a paper of the late Professor Kurt Marquart. It was given at Mequon in 2002 and is titled, “Abortion and Luther’s Two Kingdoms Theology.” With the upcoming anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I thought … Continue reading

+ The Reformation’s Evangelical “Sola Scriptura” +

Below is a set of theses from the late Dr. Marquart, posted here in honor of the Reformation. Originally written for class and perhaps a conference, they speak of what exactly Sola Scriptura means and what it means for the … Continue reading

Christian Fellowship and “Psychiatric Flu” by + Pr. Kurt Marquart +

On September 19th, 2006, a true doctor of the Church “went into the nearer presence of his Father” (his own words). Professor Kurt Marquart was a beloved teacher and pastor of our Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and of Lutherans throughout the … Continue reading

“Male and Female He Created Them” — Brief Thoughts on the Gender Debate

I admit it: I listen to NPR. Every day, any night I’m driving, my radio dial is turned to the local station for news, music, comedy, what have you. It has been twenty or so years of a love-hate relationship. … Continue reading