Two Kingdoms doctrine, who needs that?

“With all the crucial issues in the world like gay marriage and Obama all you preach about is Baptism and Communion.” This was a comment made to a pastor friend of mine.  Needless to say this person left his church … Continue reading

What is Suomen Luther-Säätiö?

What is Suomen Luther-Säätiö? Suomen Luther-Säätiö, or Luther Foundation-Finland in English, is a church body of 26 worshipping communities (koinonia’s).  This confessional Lutheran church body exists because the Lutheran Church of Finland has fallen for liberal theology in both doctrine … Continue reading

Steadfast AFLC — AFLC 101

The Association of Free Lutheran Congregations (AFLC) last week celebrated their 50th Anniversary. This is the church body to which I belong.  Some people when they see the acronym, AFLC, think of that duck from that insurance company.  That’s AFLAC.  … Continue reading