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Here is an announcement from Pastor Michael L. McCoy, the creator of the website, a good source for doctrinally sound, free materials for churches or those in the Diaspora (particularly isolated people and military).




On 16 December 1998, scholia ( ) was launched and received its first hit. This site has been a personal mission project and I have been immensely blessed by providing it. The scholia website is a resource and devotional site for visitors, pastors, missionaries, vicars, parishioners, teachers, chaplains, parents, home-schoolers, seminarians and congregations throughout the world. It has provided free resources that have been down-loaded in all continents (including Antarctica) and in hundreds of nations. The site has been accessed millions of times. The resources have been in the form of bulletin covers, sermons, Bible studies, bulletin inserts, pdf copies of public domain books, exegetical studies, orders of service for those in the Diaspora (particularly isolated people and military), graphics, audio files and so forth.

Three of the priorities at scholia have been and remain: 1.) to provide doctrinally sound materials that properly distinguish Law and Gospel, 2.) to provide these resources free and 3.) not to restrict broadcasting of the resources by imposing copyrights that limit distribution. It has been a satisfying privilege to do this. The Word has neither been bound nor restricted. Rather, it has simply been allowed to go forth over the internet and accomplish God’s purpose where and when He wills.

The site has now been turned over to the able stewardship of Pastor Tim Pauls and his son, Nathan. We have been of like mind concerning the scholia site for years. Pastor Pauls has been a major contributor to scholia. Nathan has been the webmaster for quite some time now. No doubt they will be able to use the ever-evolving technologies and applications to make scholia better and more helpful in getting the message of salvation by the grace of God through faith in Christ out to the nations, and particularly to those in the Diaspora. Your continued prayers for them and words of encouragement to them would be beneficial and greatly appreciated.

As for me, I am focusing on providing books (including hard cover, paperback, pdf as well as epub copies e-readers) through the scholia store at the website. The lulu site utilizes the latest digital technology that makes it just as economically feasible to print and bind one copy as it is to make ten thousand copies. Oh, and once again, the pdf files provided through the scholia store at lulu are free and I am trying to make the epub ones free as well. People are encouraged to download the files and send them to others. Please take a look at what’s available by clicking on the lulu linking below.

Please pass this along on appropriate e-lists where it would not be considered spam. Thank you.

The peace of the LORD be with you alway,

Pastor Michael L. McCoy

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  1. David Hartung
    December 16th, 2011 at 23:13 | #1

    I’ve used Scholia material from time to time. Pastor McCoy, thank you.

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