The Funeral of Rev. Dr. Ronald R. Feuerhahn


Today I attended the funeral of a beloved seminary professor and friend, the Rev. Dr. Ron Feuerhahn, a man I greatly admired and respected. He was a man of great pastoral character, kindness, churchmanship, and faithfulness. Dr. Feuerhahn was debilitated with Parkinson Disease in his later years, yet up until the last few weeks he still regularly attended our pastors’ Tuesday Morning Pericopal Study Group.

The service today was beautiful. The music, the sermon, and the tributes–all fitting. Immediately after the service, the dozens of vested clergy stood in an honor guard lining the path from the seminary chapel to the hearse. As I stood there (I’m on the far right, facing the camera) and saw the casket being rolled away, I thought of this verse: “My father, my father! The chariots of Israel and its horsemen!” (2 Kings 2:12)


The service itself begins at about the 38:00 mark. Pastor Bruzek’s fine sermon begins at about 1:02:40. It was a beautiful service to experience in person.

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