BW Teigen Reformation Lectures — Lutheranism and Apologetics

sembldgThis past week Bethany Lutheran College held its annual BW Teigen Reformation Lectures.  The theme was “Lutheranism and Apologetics.”

Retired Bethany Prof. Allen Quist spoke on “The Doctrine of Creation in Lutheran Apologetics.”  His talk gave a Lutheran approach to apologetics and connected the doctrine of creation to the cross.  The other featured speaker was Dr. Daniel van Voorhis of Concordia University Irvine.  He spoke on “Lutherans and the Defense of the Faith.”  He gave an historical account of Lutheranism and the apologetic task from the Reformation era to our present calling to confess and defend.  He traced the decline of Lutheran involvement in apologetics with the rise of Pietism.  He connected apologetics to the Lutheran understanding of vocation.

Both of these talks are available on the Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary Youtube channel.

The Doctrine of Creation in Lutheran Apologetics

Lutherans and the Defense of the Faith

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