Rev. Klemet Preus Called Home to Heaven, by Pr. Rossow

klemetThe brotherhood of our Lord’s shepherds has lost a beloved comrade. Rev. Klemet Preus died in the Lord today. He will be greatly missed by those of us still waiting for Jesus to take us home to heaven. In the meantime we shall keep our feet to the fire and use judiciously the staff the Lord has given us to tend the flock with the strictest words of the law and the sweetest words of the Gospel, as Klemet showed us how.

BJS owes a debt to Klemet. When we were nothing more than a blip in the internet cyberspace he and Mollie Ziegler Hemingway put us on the intraweb map by writing for us for the first couple of years.

Klemet is from the wonderful Preus’s of Missouri. His father Robert was the former president of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana and his uncle Jacob served as the president of the LCMS. He has countless brothers, nieces, nephews and other relatives serving in the church, too many to recount here in this brief post.

Personally, I always thought that Klemet should be our synodical president but when Klemet asked me to support Matthew Harrison, that was the only word I needed to climb aboard that train. Sadly now, Klemet is gone.

He had so many left hand kingdom gifts and in addition was a profound theologian and pastor. He was one of those rare men who could stand firmly on the Word of God without compromise and yet make sure that the Gospel was always the better and final Word emanating from him. May we never lose the spirit of the Preus’s of Missouri. They have led us to the green pastures of the pure Word of God, our only hope for Life. Thankfully the fold is full of Preus’s. Klemet’s legacy lives on.

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