ULC Minneapolis — Build it Back

ULC NEW CHAPELReaders of BJS should be very familiar of the situation with University Lutheran Chapel, Minneapolis.  They have currently purchased property and called “Luther House” which serves many of the teaching, hospitality, and social needs of the congregation.  They still need a new chapel, and as such they have begun a campaign called “Build it Back” to build a new chapel on their new property only a block away from their previous location.

A giving opportunity has come up to double your money given in support of ULC.  ULC has been offered $10,000 to match gifts received through the end of December to the Build-It-Back fund. Now is a great time to give and see your gift doubled through the matching funds! You can donate in the regular offering plate, online, in person, or through the mail. Simply label your gift “Build-It-Back”.

Go to hear to find out more.

Watch this video to summarize the history and the plans for the future of the ministry at the University of Minnesota by the folks of University Lutheran Chapel.



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