Great Stuff — The Reformation and the Church Today: It’s About Doctrine… and a Reformation Collect

Found on   Christian Doctrine is a body.  The Lutheran dogmaticians called it a body of doctrine (corpus doctrinae).  This body of doctrine is made up of articles of doctrine, or articles of faith.  For Luther, as well as the … Continue reading

Posting of the Ninety-Five Theses

The below is found on the Book of Concord Website. The “Sources and Context” tab on the sidebar of the Book of Concord website has this document as well as many others that help put the Book of Concord into … Continue reading

+ The Reformation’s Evangelical “Sola Scriptura” +

Below is a set of theses from the late Dr. Marquart, posted here in honor of the Reformation. Originally written for class and perhaps a conference, they speak of what exactly Sola Scriptura means and what it means for the … Continue reading

Sermon — Pr. Martin Noland — John 8:31-36 [Reformation Day]

When Martin Luther started the Reformation in 1517, what did he imagine that the church would look like when he was done? What was the goal toward which he was taking those who were willing to follow his lead? Was … Continue reading

Table Talk: Beth Moore part 1

Jesus warned His disciples in Matthew 16, “How is it that you fail to understand that I did not speak about bread? Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” 12 Then they understood that he did not tell them … Continue reading

Steadfast in Missions — Pr. Tom Chryst

If you want to include your own mission newsletter for our Steadfast in Missions articles, click here to contact us and get us on your distribution list. BJS recommends that churches support one or more missionaries. My own church helps … Continue reading

To the Cross – A new Lutheran site is born

Here is a guest article by Peter Slayton of Ad Crucem. Peter’s passion is helping people discover and develop their God-given gifts so that they consistently confess Christ to a world that desperately needs the Good News. He loves theology, … Continue reading

A Reformation Sermon

nota bene: This sermon was preached on October 28 for the High Plains circuit Reformation festival, at King of Glory Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Grace, mercy, and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. … Continue reading

Another Look at “Power, Politics, and the Missouri Synod”

The latest issue of the “Lutheran Clarion” is online and is worth reading and downloading for your files. Click here to obtain your free copy. In this issue, Dr. Scott Meyer, Chairman of the Board of the Concordia Historical Institute … Continue reading

Pastor Weedon on “Feelings” in the Divine Service

Tim Schenks posted this as a comment on another article here. We thought more of our readers might want to read this, and not be buried as a comment on another post. If anyone can find the source (podcast) for … Continue reading

Teaching Them to Observe All Things, Whatever I Have Commanded You

This is a guest posting from Rev. Jesse Jacobsen of the ELS.  Where have you seen the words in this post’s title? If you were confirmed as a child, then you memorized them from the Small Catechism, where it cites … Continue reading

Q&A — The Necessity of Holy Baptism

Two questions have come our way concerning holy baptism. The [Book of Concord] seems to say that infants who die un-baptized may not go to heaven. (from the Epitome, in the section “Articles that Cannot be Tolerated in the Church.”; … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Commemoration of Paul Gerhardt: Pastor and Hymn Writer

Found on Cyberbrethren:   Thanks to my colleague, Rev. Benjamin Mayes, for his fine translating work. This is a statement that Paul Gerhardt wrote on the occasion of his 70th birthday. It has been referred to as his “testament” for … Continue reading

Sermon — Pr. Tony Sikora — It’s Not About Morality! It’s About Doctrine!

In the Name X of Jesus.  AMEN! Beloved in the Lord, The reformation of the church of Christ was not primarily a reformation of life, morals, good works.  Such a reformation had been attempted before, all failing, because morality has … Continue reading

Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — An Offensive Pick

An Offensive Pick The God Whisperers can be best summed up by their tagline “disturbing yet compelling™. Their theological discussions, when they get to them, are first rate. Their humor can be juvenile and their musical tastes questionable. They are … Continue reading

“A Lonely Monk, Now Long Ago” (Sermon and hymn for Reformation Day, on Psalm 119:46, by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

“A Lonely Monk, Now Long Ago” (Psalm 119:46) A Lonely Monk, Now Long Ago A lonely monk, now long ago, Nailed truth upon a door; The echoes of that hammer blow Rang out to many more. And when he spoke … Continue reading

Q&A — Lutheran High School Chapel

Here’s another question that came in using our Ask a Pastor button on the sidebar. I teach at a Lutheran high school, my children attended a Lutheran grade school. In both women are allowed to give chapel. This is not … Continue reading

Observations of Holbein’s Analogy of the Old and New Testament

The students of Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary, St. Catharines, ON started a student journal last year, which is called Propter Christum. This year, they are continuing the journal as well as keeping a blog:  This post is from Tuesday, … Continue reading

The Downside of Pastor Appreciation Month

In the two parishes I have been privileged to serve, the saints gathered there have been awesome in showing appreciation through big and small things done for their pastor and his family.  This is not the case for some pastors.  … Continue reading

Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies — Hallowe’en: A short history

Associate Editor’s Note:  With this post we want to introduce a series of articles written by Pastor Joseph Abrahamson, a personal friend who grew up not far from me and also then served a parish not far from where I … Continue reading

Great Stuff — The Purpose of the District

Found on Scott Diekmann’s blog, Stand Firm:   This post is written by my friend Joe Strieter, who is on the Ohio District Board of Directors. He provides a nice summary of what our Districts are to do. This paper … Continue reading

Not Human Freedom, But God’s Freedom Is the Problem for Sinners

In relation to God human choice exists in name only. The exclusivity of God’s saving work and everything that results from his death and resurrection – the preaching of law and the Gospel and the giving away of the sacraments … Continue reading

A Divine Vocation: Motherhood

I started writing this post about a month ago, and I stopped writing and almost forgot about it. But yesterday I read from the October 8th, 2012 issue of Christian News a response to Christianity Today’s “50 Women You Should … Continue reading

Church and Politics

In my recent article I encouraged Minnesotans to vote “yes,” November 6, 2012, on the “Marriage Protection Amendment to the Minnesota State Constitution,” for the sake of children. This Amendment would codify marriage in our State’s Constitution as being between … Continue reading

Q&A: What About Those Who Haven’t Heard the Gospel? Do Christians and Muslims believe the same thing?

A recent “Ask a Pastor” asked the following: This fall I’ve been sitting in with the senior youth Sunday school class and last week I filled in as teacher. A couple of times the question has come up about people … Continue reading