Calling all Steadfast Ladies — Let’s Give the House Committee What They are Looking For

(Pastor Hein writes our regular column on male headship.)

As you know, the liberals in congress, in the news media and of course in the women’s rights movement are deriding the fact that not enough women were given the opportunity to speak at the recent hearings and that the women’s voice needs to be heard on this subject. I say give them what they want. Let the voices of devout sisters in Christ be heard… be shared with our government leaders. If they think only President Harrison can speak so passionately, convincingly and on target, they are mistaken!

We therefore invite the Steadfast Ladies who are reading this to comment on this post with a sentence or a few paragraphs giving your voice on the subject.

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Articles can be found here The Rev. Mark Hein is pastor of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lockport Illinois, and also fire chaplain for the Lockport Township Fire Protection District. This year, he will celebrate twenty years in the ministry in addition to previously serving ten years in hospital administration. St. Paul's, Lockport, hosts the monthly meetings of the Northern Illinois Confessional Lutherans (NICL) for their ongoing study of the Lutheran Confessions. St. Paul's has a very active chapter of the Brothers of John the Steadfast. Pastor Hein hopes to work with the women of his congregation to establish the first chapter of the Society of Katy Luther (BJS sister organization) possibly to be launched during the 2012 Festival of the Reformation.


Calling all Steadfast Ladies — Let’s Give the House Committee What They are Looking For — 27 Comments

  1. Women WERE represented on this panel by the bishops of their church bodies who have been called to speak on their behalf publicly.

    Maggie Karner says it wonderfully:

    “What those angry gals fail to realize is that as a Christian woman I was brilliantly represented on that House committee panel. In my first vocation as a Christian, I cheered the testimony of those brave men of the cloth because they represented me. They shared their concerns for the integrity of the free exercise of our faith traditions along with respect for the First Amendment of the Constitution. In my second vocation as a woman, I cheered again because that panel was filled with some of the finest theological leaders of our day. They made my case to congress and they did it exceptionally well. Other women concerned about the ability to maintain their choice to exercise their faith (without the interference of an over-reaching government) should cheer too.”


  2. How very interesting and •coincidental* that a mere two weeks ago Eric Metaxas presented his book to President Obama and exhorted the audience in D.C. to consider: ‘who are the slaves among us today…’ and to be mindful of a ‘Bonhoeffer moment’ which may be upon us. I wonder if his words didn’t spur to some degree, the dreadful actions which followed.

    Rev. Harrison spoke eloquently for me. Not only did he declare the gospel boldly, he named the trouble, the enemy, and he took sides. It was jolting to hear, but also reassuring. The simmering pot seems to have boiled over and we now confront something of a full blown religious war in America. There is a church of the Left and it means to strike a heavy blow in the earthly kingdom.

  3. I am a woman who was represented by Pastor Harrison in the hearing. I am so thankful at his eloquent testimony in defense of religious freedom. I am disgusted by the attacks that this is only about abortion and that a man should not have an opinion on the subject. This is about our Constitutional Right to religious liberty. NO ONE, male or female, should be told by the government that they must support and/or participate in something that goes against their religious convictions.

  4. I may be WELS, but am born & bred in LCMS. When last I ck’d, I was still a woman. However, I seem to be a non entity, to those supporters of this vile & wicked thing, who’ve chosen to prove their ignorance, by opening their mouths. I’m not naive, nor am I, unschooled. I have choices, but none defined by them, mine are chosen by me & defined by the Scriptures.

    The Fed Gov. has decided to define, when life begins. Now, they are coming after the sanctity of it. I know that life is sacred, learned that, & believe that by the Solas. Faith Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, & Scripture Alone. This attacks Sola Scriptura, that is where we are taught that human life is sacred. I am to render to them what is theirs, but they have come after & by force, fear, or mandate, come after what I will not nor could ever give. Nor could any Christian, who believes in the innerrancy & Sacred Scriptures.

    They were elected & swore to uphold the Amendment that affords me this right, they cannot ignore, trample, defy or decry by any means, what they are asking or by force, requiring in this. Life is sacred, it begins as soon as 2 become 1. No, they’ve asked for something I cannot give, without denying or decrying my Faith & my God.

  5. I was very proud of President Harrison as he spoke at the congressional hearing. He spoke the Gospel very clearly before the princes of this world, and defended our precious religious freedom, which we can’t let go of in the USA. He represented me very well! I thank God for our faithful church leaders, whom are male, by God’s will and design.

  6. Excellent comments and yes, I too believe Maggie Karner hit the nail on the head (or is it “nailed the sentiment of all faithful women to the door” be it the door to the offices of liberal congressmen and women or to the liberal press. You WERE indeed represented – properly and magnificently, thanks be to God. And this not by default or acquiescence but by divine design and whole-hearted desire and assent on your part. This is not a male versus female thing. It is not about women’s rights. It is about the religious rights and religious freedom of ALL people in this country. It is about the Word of God and our adherence and confession of the same. It is about acting according to our Christian conscience.

    And SallyVee, if I might note… it isn’t that we NOW confront something of a full blown religious war in America.” The battle has always been there… the war waged… but the outcome is never in doubt, thanks be to the victory that is ours in Christ Jesus. What this latest situation has done is wake many up to realize that the fight IS REAL and that the title “Church Militant” is by no means insignificant.

    We look forward to hearing from more sisters in Christ!

    So, dear sisters, how can you… do you… serve as witnesses to others, especially in regard to what our government is seeking to do? Put another way, what is your role in all of this in light of your vocation as a Christian women, wife, mother, parishioner, citizen, etc.?

  7. Pr. Mark H. Hein :
    What this latest situation has done is wake many up to realize that the fight IS REAL and that the title “Church Militant” is by no means insignificant.

    Yes Pastor, that is much better stated. Though it makes me shudder a little.

    In answer to your question, one thing we must try to do is explain the stealthy tactics being used in this government assault on religious freedom. That is not easy! The issue is being framed dishonestly, surprise surprise. I’m listening (again) to a very effective interview Todd Wilken did with Colleen Campbell last Thursday that helps a lot. It is here for anyone who is interested:

    President Obama’s Alleged Compromise on the Contraception Mandate

  8. I find it strange in the least that those who would seek to erase the lines which distinguish male from female decry the absence of women on the first panel. If men and women are interchangeable and the only difference between the sexes is one of anatomy, then who is to say that men cannot represent women or women men? I do not recall reading any complaints that all of the representatives had a particular hair color, or eye color, rather the complaint is simply that women were not adequately represented. Herein lies the discontinuity in their argument, as they seem to realize, at least on some level, that men and women are different, perhaps, indeed, created distinctly male and female.

    It is unfortunate that some who have been vested with authority in the left hand kingdom due to a particular order and process cannot appreciate that there is a far greater ordering of authority in the church, which insists that Christ’s undershepherds be men who are, among other things, fit to love and care for the interests of the women in the flock. I would rather have my voice heard by a man who has sworn before God to protect me than from a woman who seeks to ensure I remain further bound and constrained by the lies of feminism.

  9. @Pr. Mark H. Hein #7

    My answer to your question . . . what can women do? Pray for the angry and hurting women who lash out because of their own deep repressed pain which very likely stems from past choices (whether it be promiscuity or elective abortion). Women’s rights tend to be fought the hardest by women who don’t want to face the reality of their own choices . . . if they can make these choices be seen as right for everybody, that means they couldn’t have been wrong.

    As a Deaconess, I get to point women to the amazing pastors of the LCMS for private Confession and Absolution. That is the single most effective means for helping a hurting woman overcome past choices which still haunt her. Our pews are filled with women hurting from improper choices relating to sexual activity and abortion. Helping them remember that they are forgiven is the best thing that our pastors can do.

    Most of all, we can keep emphasizing to all we know that this issue is NOT about women’s rights. I’m a woman and I certainly care about my rights, but what is truly at stake here are our rights under the Constitution as American citizens (male AND female). I fought to protect these rights for other American citizens (I’m a veteran of Desert Storm–having served in a support capacity in Germany), and I have every right to enjoy the freedoms afforded to me under the Constitution. I do not care to have the government interfere in such an intrusive manner in the workings of the church as it is doing.

    I was appalled at the treatment of the men of the cloth on the first panel at the hands of a few politicians. I was beaming with pride, though, at the representation our church body had in our Synodical President. He spoke for me as I suspect he did for the overwhelming majority of women in the LCMS. He was firm when he needed to be, and he responded with dignity and a gentle tone when the heated rhetoric started flying.

    You know what I think will be one of the best outcomes of that hearing? The opportunity for dialogue and cooperation between the last bastions of true Bible-believing church bodies. Let us pray it isn’t conducted from their shared jail cells, though. 🙂

  10. “What God ordains is always good.” God ordained separate but equally honorable roles for men and women. I am more than happy to be represented by President Harrison on this issue, in his role as leader of our church body. As others have pointed out, this is about religious freedom and not just abortion.

  11. Pastor Hein,
    That’s kinda easy. I’m a help meet, I help meet the needs of my husband, even the ones, he cannot see or know.
    Ask my kids, I’ve talked, chatted, & taught them what was taught to me & all I know tha was taught to my husband & I, for 4 generations.
    Ask all the Pastors, that raised me or know me, my husband or my sons.
    Ask my friends, those who call for encouragement or counsel. They know why, I tell them every time a call is made to our home.
    I do not need a recordable vote to have a voice, nor to make an impact, for what I believe, as a Lutheran woman. Pastor/President Harrison was protecting his flock, President Schroeder protected his, and that is just what Shepherds are called to do.
    As I do, what my vocation is.

    Submit, obey, & Faithfulness, are not foreign terms to me. They’ve come for something that I cannot offer, & I know full well, where it will lead, if they get what they ask for.

    That is why, those men, went where they did, said what they did, & will fight for their “flocks’. It’s their charges, I have my own. But ya won’t see it, can’t measure or survery it, and if they want that answer, they have to ask those who know me or know of me.

    There are foreign & naughty, to those that govern me, ….in this realm.

  12. All y’all wrote good posts here.
    Now send a copy to your Congressman and Senator, and another to your synodical president, in case he should doubt that anyone cares… most particularly, that any woman cares.

    They’ll be getting verbiage from the other side; they need to hear it from ours.

  13. Helen,
    you dear sweet thing…like they would all listen to us, rathe than those who sat in front. I used my right to vote, mine already do.

    Public is a might different than politically “private”. Remember the last in the LCMS?

  14. I posted it on my blog. I’ll post it here too. Pr. Harrison spoke for me in front of Congress. His words echoed my own and more importantly, the proper Christian view of this situation. I am very proud to call him one of my own.

  15. Question,
    Where are all the guys, in this? The only man, guy, shepherd, in this post, seems to be Pastor Hein.

    If I depend & we all do, depend on the elected & called men in both LCMS & WELS….why aren’t they posting here?

    Why is it just girls? Pastor Harrison did what men are called to do, for both men & in this, the women, young ladies, & little wee girls, in their flocks.

    Where are the other Pastors, in this thread, even we women, need encouragement?! It helps, the help meet, ya know?

    Guys, we don’t bite,…much. Question that’s a given, but we don’t bite, not often anyways.

  16. You ladies have seen through the smoke-screen to the real issue. It’s not about women. It’s not about birth control. It’s not about reproductive health or preventative health. It’s about religious freedom.

    I have been wondering what would have happened if a Muslim had been on the morning’s panel. Wouldn’t that have been a stitch? Lutherans and Catholics. Jews and Muslims. After all, they are dead against abortion, and ambivalent about birth control, altho hardly “nuanced.” What fun!

    And in case anyone wonders, you can add another male voice to this thread.

  17. In the midst of this horrendous situation, we find ourselves getting ready to enter the holy season of Lent. What a blessed journey it is every year to make our way to the cross and to the empty tomb. We see that the sins of others, the sins being committed in Washington, are no worse than our own. The wages of sin… all sin… is death. And to think, in Christ there is life. There is forgiveness and yes, there is the victory over the world and its ways.

  18. Dutch,
    Our Congressmen don’t necessarily read our letters, but their assistants tally “For” and “Against” to see if an issue might affect their re-elections.

    Matt Harrison might like to have these “votes of confidence” directly (although someone in the IC is probably ‘tallying’, too).

  19. Okay, yes, the article was calling all ladies.
    Some posted, however, fathers, Daddy’s, and even Pastors, are even more vital to their daughters, or those little girls, young ladies & women in their Congregations.

    Alot of women don’t know why or have never heard why.

    What do you teach your daughters? From that point of view, a Pastor is still, a Dad & husband, & those are important views too. Also as Pastor’s of little girls & young ladies, what do they hear of these things by ya’ll?

    This is a “we” thing, not a girls’ or boys’ only thing.

  20. Re: Dutch, comment # 23,

    Well said! This is indeed a “we” thing. This is “synod”… our “walking together” at its best… our best… or it should be our best. We stand together. We stand united in Christ, in His Word, having the mind of Christ and speaking with one voice about spiritual freedom and the sanctity of life.

    I believe one of the great blessings of these BJS blogs is how it gives us the opportunity to “talk” with brothers and sisters who we may have never met in person, yet we couldn’t be closer to each other. Indeed, ours is a blood bond… the precious and holy blood of Christ.

  21. Pastor Hein #24,
    Thank you, for defining that “bond” we all have, thru BJS & Intrepid Lutherans, and other blogs, we tend to go to.
    It is a blood bond, bonded thru & in the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Would it be echt to say, the best definition of fileo/phileo, that I can think of?
    What a blessing & privilige we all have been given, thru sites like these, & we’ll all meet, someday, in our Father’s House, back at Home.

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