Worship Resources for 10th Anniversary of September 11

“LetUsPray” is a weekly email resource that delivers weekly prayers from the LCMS Worship office directly to your inbox. They have released resources to help congregations For the Tenth anniversary of 9-11; click here to access it. … Continue reading

A Response to USA Today Article “Faith in America: Get Ready for Change”

While adding a church to the Evangelical-Lutheran Liturgical Congregations website, I came across this article written by Pastor Pautz of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Muscatine, IA. It is a great response to a USA Today article that you may … Continue reading

LCMS Leaders See University Lutheran Chapel as Vital Ministry

Several key leaders from throughout the LCMS have recently focused their attention on the future viability of University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pastor David Kind has organized a National Leadership Team to help the Chapel raise capital to purchase … Continue reading

Missouri’s Position on Intercommunion – Warning! Strong Lutheran Content!

(((Found on Mercy Journeys with Pastor Harrison)))   WARNING: STRONG ORTHODOX LUTHERAN CONTENT. From time to time the question arises whether LCMS Christians, or even clergy, should be communing at non-orthodox Lutheran altars. The Missouri Synod’s position is unambiguous. It … Continue reading

Now on CPH — Rev Matthew Harrison Bio and Links

Found on CPH at this link is a new page giving Matthew Harrison’s Bio and links to books, videos, Recommended reading, and other sections. One of the videos found on this section of the CPH website: And the Bio: Dr. … Continue reading

Strategies and Tips for dealing with COHABITATION

Young and old, it is becoming common.  Even on my Concordia Plan “Be Well, Serve Well” survey (courtesy of CareAllies) it talks about my “spouse/partner”.  The culture is all about giving things a test drive, a test run of the … Continue reading

Found on Cyberbrethren — Walther Medallion Opportunity — Act Now to Reserve a Copy

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Dr. C.F.W. Walther’s birth, Concordia Publishing House is pleased to be the exclusive provider of a commemorative medallion. We are asking people to express their interest in receiving a copy by placing advance … Continue reading

WMLT — They’ll Be In the Mail

Found on the Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog:     As conventions season approaches, we are faced with a bit of a Synod-wide dilemma. How shall our congregations become informed in a timely manner of convention- and election-related changes made … Continue reading

WMLT — Lunch With The Saint Louis Archbishop

Found on Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog:     Today, ecumenical relations between The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis began with a good start when President Harrison had lunch with Archbishop Robert J. … Continue reading

WMLT — Life Together and the Koinonia Project

Found on the Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog:     You already know that Witness, Mercy, and Life Together describe what we, as the Body of Christ, do for the sake of the world. Each of the three depends on … Continue reading

Life Together – Authority Abuse and Neglect

I presented the following for the congregation I serve during their annual Planning Council.  I think it could be useful for discussion. Life Together – Authority and Responsibilities             One of the keys in our Life Together as a congregation … Continue reading

My Name’s Mollie And I’m A Submissive Wife

I’ve seen links to this all over facebook and google plus, and thought it might generate some interesting discussion here. One link to it was posted Aug 11th on Ricochet.com. I’ve posted it here under Mollie’s name — Norm   … Continue reading

I drove across the country to meet with my editor (Pastor Rossow)

No, seriously, it was a family vacation of sorts. Highlights: visiting friends in Nebraska and commiserating about parsonages, including the care congregations can show their shepherd the joy and reminder of preaching at an ordination and watching congregations eagerly receive … Continue reading

Introducing The Gottesdienst Library

Over at Gottesdienst Online, where I’m privileged to serve as an editor, we strive to provide resources, commentary, and counsel for Lutherans seeking to recover and strengthen their Lutheran heritage. For years our Editor-in-Chief, Rev. Dr. Burnell F. Eckardt, has … Continue reading

WMLT — What about Bob?

Found on the Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog:   Since July 1 we have been using the name Restructuring Phase 2 to describe the work being done across the IC to put our new organizational structure to work. Bob Gleason, … Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — Pastoral Meanderings on: A shocker in Bible Study…

I found this through a facebook posting of a friend of mine — another great post from Pastor Peters’ Pastoral Meanderings blog. Keep Pastoral Meanderings in your RSS reader to follow more great posts by Pastor Peters!   We were … Continue reading

KFUO Sale Contributes to Changes on Synod Board

Found on St Louis Today: The sale of KFUO had an effect at last year’s Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod convention, says Paul L. Maier, third vice president of the synod. While it was not the only factor, Maier says, “every member … Continue reading

WMLT — “Don’t Sweat the Weeds!”

Found on the Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog:     The following homily was preached today in chapel at the International Center. A similar homily was also preached last week at the National LCMS Worship Conference held at Concordia University—Nebraska. … Continue reading

LCMS Liberals to LCMS Confessional Tea Party: Just Go Away, by Pr. Rossow

In the past year I have heard LCMS liberals/moderates/church-growthers essentially say “Just go away” to the LCMS confessional internet commotion. On three different occasions in three different settings and in three different ways I have heard them say “Why don’t … Continue reading

LCMS prof calls maleness of Jesus/pastors “inconsequential” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

I came across an interesting blog article written by Dr. Matthew Becker, an LCMS clergyperson serving as a professor at Valparaiso University. The article is called “The Being of Adam, the New Adam, and the Ontology of Pastors.” In it, … Continue reading

WMLT — Installation of Rev. Bart Day, Executive Director of Life Together

Found on the Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog:   Today, 1 August 2011, Rev. John Barton Day was installed as the Executive Director of Life Together (Office of National Mission). Rev. Bart Day fills a new position created by the … Continue reading

Coming Soon — The Magdeburg Conference

The Magdeburg Conference that we previously announced is rapidly approaching! If you are planning to attend the conference (Aug. 26-27, 2011 at Christ Lutheran Church, Normal, IL) please register now via the Lutheran Catechetical Society website (online registration is possible, … Continue reading

Was the Church of the Old Testament “missional”?

This question came to mind because I was recently driving around Cheyenne and noticed a “New Testament Christian Church”. Simple question, hopefully will result in some comments and conversation. I contend that by current standards (get out there and GO … Continue reading