Lutherans tired with having to use last year’s cartoon trends for your VBS theme, pay attention!

(A few weeks ago I ran into Pastor Burfeind at Ft. Wayne and saw his curriculum materials and was very impressed. I asked him to put to gether a blurb so our BJS readers could become aware of this good stuff – Pastor Rossow)

Pax Domini PressPax Domini Press has been in business since 2004. We produce educational materials for Vacation Bible School and Sunday School. We entered into this enterprise due to the huge gap in the market for materials that are not garish, cartoony, moralizing, and singularly lacking in any substance. We pride ourselves on using artwork from the great legacy of Christian art. Our content is challenging, catechetical, and solidly anchored on the language of our Biblical, liturgical, and confessional heritage. Our crafts are durable as well, using materials like wood, glass, plaster, and cloth.

When we first entered the market, we had a strong “cottage industry” feel to our materials. They were all in black and white. This worked nicely, because we were forced to use artwork from the fine tradition of Reformation-era engraving. But we have always been striving to go “head to head” with the big boys in terms of “curb appeal.”   That meant going color, fine-tuning our crafts, and beefing up our materials in other areas.

I believe we are there. This year we are launching a new website. On the website are 6 VBS programs: In the Name (on the Trinity), Fervent Love for One Another (on Communion and Christian love), Five Words of Understanding (on the ICHTHUS), I Am (on the seven I Am’s in the Gospel of John), According to the Scriptures (on Christ in the Old Testament), and introducing this year, “A New Song” on the songs of Scripture that inform the theology and language of the liturgy.   (We have three other VBS programs  that are currently being updated, on Law and Gospel, on the Baptismal Life, and on Absolution)

At the website, costumers can download the entire program, or order a CD. In these files are everything a congregation will need to self publish a VBS. They have full rights to duplicate as many workbooks as they need, for as many years as they want, all for $150. Pax Domini Press also provides craft kits, craft accessories (molds et. al.),  and workbooks for congregations that may not have these resources.

Pax Domini Press also has three fine Sunday School curricula, one on the Historic Lectionary, one on the texts of the Liturgy, and one on the Gospel of Matthew.

Go to our website and look at our testimonials on the first page. Comments garnered around the internet universe reveal a clientele that is happy with our product!

There’s no need to have to hold your nose and “settle” for VBS fluff this year. Pax Domini Press has you covered!

Rev. Peter Burfeind, Pax Domini Press

You can visit the website at

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