What Do You Commemorate on June 25, the Death of Michael Jackson? By Donna Linnemeyer

(Editor’s Note: Donna’s posts are archived on the Regular Columns page under the title “Confessions of a Confessional Church Administrator.” Donna is the Church Administrator of Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, Illinois.)   My day on June 25, 2009 ended … Continue reading

Harold Hill Comes to the Show-Me State: Convention Review, Part Two (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

In Part One, “MoDist Gains,” I reviewed the elections and resolutions that took place at the Missouri District Convention last week. Now in Part Two, I will review the other major business at the convention, which was the presentation and … Continue reading

Lutheran Guests from Confessional Lutheran Synods ““ not in Fellowship with the LCMS on Issues, Etc: WELS President Pr. Mark Schroeder and ELS Pr. David Jay Weber, by Jon Townsend

We at BJS have created a column where we hope to review programs from Issues, Etc. Our goal in doing this is to help people to understand what types of programs are available on Issues, Etc. and perhaps to generate … Continue reading