Jesus First, aka JerryPAC: “Reporting for duty!” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Jesus First–aka JerryPAC, Geezers First, Jesus’ Fist, and ***us First–is back and gearing up the machinery for another campaign. Like John Kerry standing on the stage and saluting, the political-action committee that helped elect Jerry Kieschnick sent out two e-mails … Continue reading

The Key Question Still Remains Unanswered: Rev. Wilken’s Response to President Kieschnick’s Memo is Now Posted on the Issues, Etc. Website

There are some new posts on the Issues, Etc. website  that will interest you. There is  an audio Web Extra of Pastor Wilken’s response to President Kieschnick’s memo today. There are also a couple of other goodies there as listed … Continue reading