Parallels of Pornography and “Praise” Music

Warning: this post contains sexually explicit material Pornography is wicked. So is the sinful flesh, which is why porn sells. One source reported a “conservative estimate” of U.S. pornography revenues around $8 billion in 2012. Pornography is just as damnable a sin … Continue reading

Biblical Apologetics, Part 2

I was by now too experienced in my literary criticism to regard the Gospels as myths.  They had not the mythical taste…if ever a myth had become fact, had been incarnated, it would be just like this.  And nothing else … Continue reading

The Inconvenient Truth of Easter

If you’re lucky this time of the year you might be able to find – tucked away in the farthest corner of the clearance section – a greeting card that actually mentions a few words about the true meaning of … Continue reading

St. Mark, Evangelist and Apologist

Wednesday was the feast day of St. Mark. His Gospel is often symbolized as the winged lion for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah whom he proclaims. He lives up to his title, evangelist. He is the good news … Continue reading