Great Stuff — Are there questions which Scripture doesn’t answer clearly, or not at all?

Found over on MercyJourney, President Harrison’s blog. From the LCMS Brief Statement of 1932:   OF OPEN QUESTIONS Those questions in the domain of Christian doctrine may be termed open questions which Scripture answers either not at all or not … Continue reading

Great Stuff — On the Public Ministry

Found over on MercyJourney, extracted from the Brief Statement of the Doctrinal Statement of the Missouri Synod   OF THE PUBLIC MINISTRY By the public ministry we mean the office by which the Word of God is preached and the … Continue reading

Unionism: What Is It?

In the comments section of Friday’s post by Pastor Rossow titled “Per DP’s Advice LCMS Pastor Cancels Participation in Joint Service but Still Supports Unionism,” arguments were made that having a joint worship service with congregations of other fellowships, such … Continue reading