• The Shame and Disgrace of the Cross
    “For where God’s Word is preached, accepted, or believed, and bears fruit, there the holy and precious cross will also not be far behind.  And let no one think that we will have peace; rather we must sacrifice all we have on earth–possessions, honor, house and farm, spouse and children, body and life. Now, this … Read more
  • A Laymen’s Commentary on the Epitome of the Formula of Concord: Free Will
    II. Free Will.STATUS CONTROVERSIAE. The Principal Question in This Controversy. 1] Since the will of man is found in four unlike states, namely: 1. before the Fall; 2. since the Fall; 3. after regeneration; 4. after the resurrection of the body, the chief question is only concerning the will and ability of man in the … Read more
  • War and Pestilence: The Missouri Synod in the Year 1918
    The year 1918 was tumultuous in the Missouri Synod.  It was the year of the climax and conclusion of World War I, where our German-speaking pastors and congregations suffered much persecution and scorn.  It was also the year of the Spanish Flu, which took the lives of thousands of Americans and touched every one of … Read more
  • Did Her Baptism Take?
    Almost two years have passed since I published “One in 1200 and One in the Lord,” which was more widely received than I ever would have imagined. Thank you to all who read it and encouraged Ana and me in a difficult time with words and prayer. Many people reached out to me expressing their … Read more
  • Now, At the Last, and Unto Eternity – Advent 2020 Series – Service Plan
    Advent approaches, and it has become tradition here at Steadfast we are releasing information about our series for Advent along with a service plan and upcoming devotional. This year the theme will be related to the "Last Things". Each week will take a look at what our Lord teaches about the End and how that … Read more
  • Cancel Culture: Dear God, Cancel Our Culture
    “Dear God, please cancel our culture.” A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought to say this; but, God should cancel our culture. The idea behind “cancel culture” is to withdraw support or tolerance of certain people, places, or organizations so that they topple and fall or are left to hang out and dry. God … Read more
  • Life on Venus?
    Let me answer the click-bait question above immediately by saying that life has not been found on Venus. At least not yet. I highly recommend reading these two articles by Phil Plait and ArsTechnica about what was found. In brief, phosphine gas was detected which is indicative of life but is not direct evidence of … Read more
  • Biblical Worldview Conference – 9/26 in Chicago – attend in person or online.
    The theme is "The Christian Church amid Seismic Shifts" See these PDF files for more information: General Poster Schedule Presenters
  • A Laymen’s Commentary on the Epitome of the Formula of Concord: Original Sin
    I. Original Sin.STATUS CONTROVERSIAE. The Principal Question in This Controversy. 1] Whether original sin is properly and without any distinction man's corrupt nature, substance, and essence, or at any rate the principal and best part of his essence [substance], namely, the rational soul itself in its highest state and powers; or whether, even after the … Read more
  • Nunc Dimittis: Seeing God’s Savior and Salvation
    Introduction Nunc Dimittis (the Song of Simeon) as a post-Communion canticle is a treasure. It holds deep riches of consolation in God's Savior and salvation. Receiving the true body and blood of Christ with bread and wine is the climax of the Divine Service. But then what? Nunc Dimittis is a fitting and blessed anticlimax … Read more