• Fear and Faith: A Meditation for the Second Sunday of Easter
    John 20:19-31 Our text says, “Then, the same day at evening.” The day was Easter. So this is the night of Easter Day.[1] That morning the women went to the tomb and found that Jesus was not there. He was not there because He had been resurrected from the dead.[2] The women went from the … Read more
  • A Laymen’s Commentary on the Epitome of the Formula of Concord: The Descent of Christ to Hell
    IX. The Descent of Christ into HellSTATUS CONTROVERSIAE.Chief Controversy concerning This Article.1 It has also been disputed among some theologians who have subscribed to the Augsburg Confession concerning this article: When and in what manner the Lord Christ, according to our simple Christian faith, descended to hell: whether this was done before or after His … Read more
  • A Laymen’s Commentary on the Epitome of the Formula of Concord: The Person of Christ
    VIII. The Person of Christ1 From the controversy concerning the Holy Supper a disagreement has arisen between the pure theologians of the Augsburg Confession and the Calvinists, who also have confused some other theologians, concerning the person of Christ and the two natures in Christ and their properties.STATUS CONTROVERSIAE.Chief Controversy In This Dissension.2 The chief … Read more
  • Misusing Scripture: Associative Jump
    Introduction Scripture often is misused. It happens in a variety of ways: misreading, misquoting, misinterpreting, misapplying. Let us consider one type of error to which our generation is particularly susceptible: Unwarranted Associative Jump. “Unwarranted associative jump” is the formal name of an exegetical fallacy. The name is awkward or inelegant, but it is the name … Read more
  • Lent Devotion Podcast
    You can listen to our daily devotional for Lent as a podcast thanks to Rev. Paul Cain: https://anchor.fm/rev-paul-j-cain
  • Helps for the Reading Lutheran Layperson, Version 2.0
    Contents IntroductionSuggested Reading List for the Lutheran Layperson             At All Levels            Beginning            Intermediate            Further On            Bibliographies Lutheran Book PublishersOther Book PublishersLutheran Journals and PeriodicalsLutheran PDFs and TextsCalibre E-Reader ApplicationOnline Bookstores and Repositories of E-Books, PDFs, and TextsSearch Engines for Books, E-Books, PDFs, and TextsLibrary and School Borrowing Apps Introduction A good friend suffered a … Read more
  • Transformational Life Coach Lesson 2: Beauty
    This series really isn’t going in any direct order, but rather its direction is completely based upon what I find and have interest in writing about at the moment. For instance, this article will probably carry more weight for women than it will for men, but by no means should men be excused from reading. … Read more
  • A Laymen’s Commentary on the Epitome of the Formula of Concord: The Holy Supper of Christ
    VII. The Lord’s Supper1 Although the Zwinglian teachers are not to be reckoned among the theologians who affiliate with [acknowledge and profess] the Augsburg Confession, as they separated from them at the very time when this Confession was presented, nevertheless, since they are intruding themselves (into their assembly], and are attempting, under the name of … Read more
  • Administering the Sacraments According to His Institution
    We install officers on New Year’s Day in my congregation.  It only makes sense.  Congregational officers serve terms based on calendar year, so it is appropriate to install these men as soon as possible.  Here we notice how rites such as the Installation of Congregational Officers instruct the people.  When we take the time to … Read more
  • 2021 Lent Devotions Released – Holy Baptism
    "Into His Death and Resurrection – Lenten Devotions on Holy Baptism" is finally ready for print and purchase.