URGENT — 3-10A Task Force Overture

With the upcoming (Feb 20th) deadline of overtures to the 2016 LCMS Convention (see this post), and the late arrival of the 3-10A Task Force Report (PDF file here), there is very little time to get an overture submitted to … Continue reading

Overture to Condemn the Conscription of Women

As you undoubtedly have heard in the news, the Department of Defense announced on Dec. 3rd that they will indeed be opening up all combat positions in our nation’s armed forces to women. As exclusion from combat was the legal … Continue reading

Overture to Specify Inactive Members in Official Publications of the Synod’s Roster

Overture to Specify Inactive Members in Official Publications of the Synod’s Roster WHEREAS LCMS Bylaw 2.11.2 identifies three different classifications of Inactive Members (Emeritus, Candidate, and Non-Candidate); and WHEREAS the official publications of the LCMS Roster (e.g., The Lutheran Annual … Continue reading

Overture to Amend Synod Bylaw

Overture to Amend Synod Bylaw WHEREAS Synod Bylaw as worded in the 2013 Handbook does not explicitly grant the ability for a Minister of Religion on Candidate status to remain on Candidate status beyond the stated four-year window; … Continue reading

To Address the Practice of Infant Communion

To Address the Practice of Infant Communion WHEREAS, St. Paul says in his first letter to the Corinthians, “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty concerning the body … Continue reading

Resolution To Memorialize Synod To Return to a Pastoral-Based Model of Governance

Convention fast approaches.  A good thing some District Presidents and Synod President Harrison have done is to emphasize the need for administrators to stay connected to the local parish.  This resolution helps to set that goal for all administrative positions. … Continue reading

Vicar Overture for 2016 Convention

This came to my attention the other day.  It is a good overture to try to restore faithfulness to our Lutheran Confessions in our use of vicars.  Any member congregation can submit an overture to the LCMS Convention.  For more … Continue reading

A Suggested Overture on the Transforming Churches Network

BJS is compiling a list of proposed overtures for District Conventions and the 2016 Synodical Convention which can be found here.  This overture comes from the Association of Confessing Evangelical Lutheran Congregations (ACELC).  A more extensive list of overtures suggested by … Continue reading

NID Resolution 1-05 — To Call To Repentance …

Our post last night of an address by Pr. Gallup refers to this resolution, as found in the NID convention “Today’s Business” found here.   RESOLUTION 1-05 To Call to Repentance and Reform All Who Publicly Teach Contrary to the … Continue reading

To Encourage Congregations to Coordinate Mission Efforts

Submitted by Pastor Toby Byrd — Below is a resolution (or one very similar) that has been submitted to the resolution committee of the Texas District by multiple congregations: SUBJECT: TO ENCOURAGE CONGREGATIONS TO COORDINATE MISSION EFFORTS WHEREAS, Resolution 01-03-12, … Continue reading

To Support Existing Inner City and Rural Congregations as a Primary Focus of Mission Work

To the 58th Convention of The Northern Illinois District of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod March 6 – 7, 2015 OVERTURE: 1-06 SUBJECT To Support Existing Inner City and Rural Congregations as a Primary Focus of Mission Work WHEREAS, … Continue reading

The Southern Illinois District Speaks on Dr. Becker

The Southern Illinois District in convention adopted the following resolution 79-17. Note that page and line numbers have been removed; the original with page and line numbers may be found here.   RESOLUTION 2-05B REFERENCE – OVERTURE 2-05 To Call … Continue reading

Guidelines for Proper Practices Within the Church

Mac McCabe, a member of Messiah Lutheran Church (Seattle, WA), reports that on January 25th, 2015 they passed the following resolution for the NW District Convention in June (11-13) about the Five/Two Network and Church Growth.   GUIDELINES FOR PROPER … Continue reading

To Publicly Call Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker to Repentance

This resolution was drafted by Rev. Joseph Fisher for the South Wisconsin District Convention. (originally posted in facebook group We Support LCMS President Matthew Harrison) Editor’s Note: Please submit overtures to us so we can help to publicize them throughout … Continue reading

Overture to Memorialize the Commission on Theology and Church Relations to Draft Doctrinal Statements

Here is a suggested overture that your district pastor’s conference can pass and submit to the CTCR well before the 2016 convention. To make it easier for you, we have included a DOC file here that you can customize for … Continue reading

Four Overtures for the 2016 Convention

It’s time . . . to start submitting overtures regarding the issues confronting the LCMS. The following are four overtures that address, in my opinion, some of the most significant issues that need to be dealt with at the LCMS … Continue reading