Great Stuff — Was John Tietjen Right?

Found over on Pastor Lincoln Winter’s blog, Musings of a Country Pastor:   Of course not. The man was a heretic, and his removal was necessary for the continued faithfulness of the church. But even a stopped clock is right … Continue reading

Survey of the Synod – Time for an Evaluation?

Many Districts encourage congregations to survey their members about the status of their congregation and the quality and character of their pastor’s work.  It is also common for congregations to conduct annual reviews of their pastors.  This too is encouraged by Districts.  Some of … Continue reading

Justin Schwarz Update

Thanks to all who have been praying to Our Father for Justin Schwarz.  Justin’s surgery was successful, the bypass has new blood flow heading to his brain and after a few rough days he is feeling much better.  Yesterday, he … Continue reading

Guest Post — Out of Place Pastors and Hearers

Guest Post by Rev. Jonathan Boehne, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in El Paso, IL. Everyone has their place to serve God. Luther showed us that church isn’t the only place people have callings. It wasn’t only by running to … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Reflections on the Fall of a Pastor

Posted over on   Tullian Tchividjian, the well known pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, has resigned his position.  According to his own statement both he and his wife committed adultery.  This disqualifies him from the pastoral office.  He … Continue reading

Notes from the Mission Field: Persecution, Preaching, Teaching, and Translating

Originally published by Lutherans in Africa: Sudanese Refugees Last month, I began the newsletter talking about the situation in Dadaab Refugee Camp which is one of the largest refugee camps in the world. There are a couple Lutheran congregations there … Continue reading

Guest Article — Pastor James Moshier — Spring Pastor’s Conference, Kearney, NE

The following was submitted to us for publication.  We welcome reader submissions and often publish them.  Thank you Pr. Moshier for your faithful teaching. Devotion prepared for the Spring Pastor’s Conference, Kearney Nebraska April 14, 2015 A reading from John … Continue reading

Good Thoughts on Recent Worship Debates

Guest article by Pr. Willis McCall Christ comes to you through the means of grace: Word and Sacrament. Every Lutheran with even the most modest of catechetical instruction confesses this. We believe, teach and confess that in the Divine Service … Continue reading

Best Practices for “Ministry”? Report from Rev. Brian Flamme

The “Best Practices for Ministry” description is brief on the convention website. “A FREE conference encouraging pastors, church workers and lay people as we reach out with the Gospel of Christ.  For those who love: the local church, the unchurched, … Continue reading

Letter to Pastors – First Sunday in Lent

Found over on   The First Sunday in Lent, A.D. 2015 Dearest Brothers in the Office: I greet you in the name of Jesus, our constant hope and consolation in the ministry. I’ve been re-reading Martin Brecht’s great three-volume … Continue reading

Guest Post from Pastor Bolland — It’s Time for the ACELC

This was original added as a comment on another post.   We watched it all happen. Over the decades we watched it all, from the misled ecumenism of the Statement of the 44, in 1945; through the 70’s Battle of … Continue reading

Safe in the North-West

(Rev. Otten has written several articles over the years under the category “Steadfast Lessons from the Past.”) DE JA VU or SAFE IN THE NORTH WEST Several years ago this Hyper Euro Sacerdotalist vowed that he had written his last … Continue reading

January 2015: Focus on International Mission

Found over on   Throughout January, the LCMS focuses on international mission. In the 121 years since the LCMS sents its first missionaries abroad to India, the church has been involved in international mission. The primary goal of LCMS … Continue reading

Talking with little ones about the Sixth — Guest post by Holly Scheer

The Sixth Commandment isn’t less relevant with on demand sex around every virtual corner In the not-so-distant past pornography was disseminated in print or video. Plenty of titillating images were shared on the playgrounds of our youth, but it was … Continue reading

The Church in Need – A Hard Look at Giving – Guest post by Vanessa

Thanks to Vanessa for this guest post.  For more by Vanessa check out her regular blog: Bible, Beer, and Babies. No one likes to talk about money. I know of no church elder, pastor or lay member who enjoys standing in front … Continue reading

Things your pastor’s wife wishes you knew – Guest post by Holly Scheer

This is a collection of sentiments from all of my sisters in Christ that I have met over the years. Please know that not all will ring true for each situation. The pastor’s wife occupies a strange space in the … Continue reading

Great Stuff – How God Blessed the Reformation through Katie Luther

From the Evangelical Lutheran Synod… Katharina von Bora was born January 29, 1499. Much about her life must remain a mystery to us, but some sources give us glimpses and insights. Prayer and faith. As a young girl, Katharina von … Continue reading

Rejected by FiveTwo: How I Failed My Sacramental Entrepreneur Aptitude Test – Guest Article by Vanessa

Rejected by FiveTwo: How I Failed My Sacramental Entrepreneur Aptitude Test The first time I heard the title “sacramental entrepreneur” I’m pretty sure my brow furrowed with confusion. I know what a Sacrament is. I know what an entrepreneur is. … Continue reading

Guest Article — The Supreme Court Non-Decision

By now just about everyone has heard that the Supreme Court of the United State has declined to hear the appeals of multiples cases where lower courts had ruled against states holding to the traditional understanding of marriage as the … Continue reading

We need pastors not pansies — Guest Article by Vanessa Rasanen

The following was submitted by Vanessa Rasanen, who runs Bible, Beer, and Babies blog. I became a Christian nearly a decade ago, attending church regularly with my husband. Okay. Mostly regularly. We spent many of those years giving into the world’s … Continue reading

Guest Article — Grace and the Corrupter

Posted by Rev. Edward A. Engelbrecht, Concordia Publishing House O you sons of men, return, And you their daughters, come. And abandon the ways of that Corrupter, And approach me. (Ode of Solomon 33:6–7) This beautiful plea for repentance from … Continue reading

Twice More to John 6: An Analysis of the Sacramental Interpretation

Twice More to John 6: An Analysis of the Sacramental Interpretation Rev. Philip Hale – St. Paul, Bancroft and St. John, Lyons NE   John 6 is a controversial touchstone because it is here that different understandings and methods of … Continue reading

The Church and the Single Mom — A guest post by Dcs. Ellie Corrow

When I was in college a couple of friends were brainstorming about where I could meet a nice, Christian man, since it was clear to them that I was single, 25, and committed to my faith. The face of one … Continue reading

Guest Article — Just what do you say when others experience crosses?

by Holly Scheer There are defining moments that stick with us, both of the good and bad variety. When things go well we can share our joy with others. When things go sour we can share our heartache.Sometimes it’s hard … Continue reading

Building up the Body of Christ (by rebuilding the laity core) — Guest article by Gene White of the CLCC

 Hopefully the title clarifies a concern of many clergy and laity within Lutheranism over a trend of the last few decades. All those concerned can clearly see the need for reversal of the trend. Allow me to clarify what this … Continue reading