A Poem to Comfort Grieving Mothers

Our God is He who hides himself beneath the cross of pain.
His thoughts are not our own, and yet He gives it for our gain.
For on the cross his Only Son fulfilled our Father’s will
To cover all our sin and make our stormy conscience still.

And now as Mary had to see her Child she loved so dear
Decrease and die, and pierced with grief her soul received the spear,
So must our hearts be pierced as we must see the filth of sin,
Which is the cause of death and every grief we find within.

But as the holy mother of our God was given John
To speak the Word of Truth to her and bring to light the dawn
Of gladness much beyond compare to all afflictions’ tears,
So does our Lord proclaim His Word into our hearts and ears.

His Word, which conquers sin – it is the promise of his grace,
Which covers all our faults until the day we see His face.
The Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for any word
For ev’ry Christian mother who relies on what she’s heard:

That all things work for good to those whose trust is in the Lord,
Whose called them to be children by the water with the Word;
That anything you ask in faith is granted by your God
Who, though He hides beneath the pain and chastens with His rod,

He’s heard your pray’rs to guard the little one He gave to you.
He promises to send His Holy Spirit and renew
With His most precious Word by which He called you by your name.
So trust in Him. For none who wait on God are put to shame.

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