Two Types of Members – Chapter & Individual

There are two types of membership: chapter and individual. Chapter members belong to a local chapter in a congregation. (See the button for starting a chapter for more information.)

Because there are plenty of confessional Lutherans stuck in church growth churches and because the internet provides the ability to form “communities” on line, we have created an individual membership. The individual membership enjoys all the privileges of chapter membership with the exception of having regular chapter functions such as a confessions reading group, annual fundraiser, etc.

What BJS Commits to its Members

  • Provide a quality web site ( that will help you defend and promote the true faith.
  • Provide a year subscription to the full color Steadfast Quarterly magazine; you will receive it in your mailbox before others can read it on the web.
  • Inspire you with stories of how men and women around the world are standing up for the truth of God’s word as taught in the Lutheran Confessions.
  • Provide resources that will help you grow in your understanding of the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions.
  • Provide resources that will help you know and support the historic liturgy.
  • Provide resources so that you can be a better spiritual head of your household and in the church.
  • Provide all the advantages of a large organization whereby you can accomplish more than what you could on your own, to defend and promote Confessional Lutheranism and its new media ventures.

What BJS Expects of its Members

  • Make use of the website and other resources.
  • Pray for the leaders of the Brothers of John the Steadfast and all the other brothers in the organization.
  • If you are a chapter member: promote the chapter in your congregation, always looking to recruit others for the cause.
  • If you are an individual member: promote the organization to other Lutherans.
  • Contributing your annual dues ($25)
  • Prayerfully consider our annual fund drive and other opportunities that arise to support new media projects.
  • Cast a vote whenever we have organization wide elections or initiatives.


What’s in the new member packet?