Good Things Going On in Chapters: Service Projects

Each BJS chapter is encouraged to adopt a parish service project.

What is the Parish Service Function?

Each chapter needs to involve itself in at least one significant volunteer function in the parish such as property upkeep, ushering, transportation committee, etc.

Why Have a Parish Service Function?

The parish service function accomplishes two important goals. First it involves the chapter members in the life of the congregation so as to keep the group from being self-focused and also reinforces the idea that BJS intends to uphold the church and its pastor. Secondly, and less importantly, it provides good exposure for the group to the rest of the congregation.

Your BJS regional director will be contacting you a few months after your start-up to see what parish service function you have chosen.


Here are a few examples of parish service functions.

Property upkeep – Adopt a part of the church grounds and make that your chapter’s pride and joy or better yet, volunteer to maintain the entire church grounds.

Transportation committee – There are usually people around the congregation that need transportation help getting to church and doing their weekly errands.

Joseph’s Helpers – Jesus’ earthly father Joseph was a carpenter. The woodworkers in the chapter could volunteer to fix and/or build things for the church as it has needs.

Hospital and shut-in visits – The chapter could assist the pastor with hospital or shut-in visits to the men of the congregation.

Ushering – The BJS chapter could be the ushering group for the congregation, or at the very least, adopt a service or man a team for one of the services on Sunday.

Paint the Church Day – There is always painting to do in the parish and this is a great way for men to serve their Lord.

Be creative! The Holy Spirit has gifted His people in immeasurable ways. If you come up with a new way be sure to take pictures and we will post it on the BJS website.

(Be sure to check the Regular Columns page of the website for updates on service projects being done by local chapters.)