Text of email

This is the text of emails that we send out to new commentators to ensure that they are real people.

if you do NOT immediately get back a “invalid email” message, then approve the comment.


Sorry for the intrusion into your day,

Your email address was put down as the author of a new comment on Brothers of John the Steadfast website, https://steadfastlutherans.org. It is our policy to send an email to new addresses to verify that the email account works. You do not need to reply to this email, just the fact that it was not rejected by your mail server tells us that it is likely a valid email address.

If you did NOT write a comment on our blog, please do reply and tell us that.


Brothers of John the Steadfast

Do we need a sample email for a name that appears to be bad?

Here is an email that you can send to people who use multiple handles:

I have seen that you are using THREE different names with this email account to post comments on BJS. Our policy is that you should use only one name. Please respect our policy and settle on one name. If you are not compliant with this we will have to put your email address on the banned list.

Thank you for your answers,

Brothers of John the Steadfast