Great Stuff — ULC – Of Woundedness, Trials, Trust and Faith

Found over on By Oliver Young – a perspective from a long-time member of University Lutheran Chapel    A quick Google search will reveal that woundedness is ‘The quality or state of being wounded.’ That very simple, succinct definition leaves … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Why Luther House?

Great article found by Norm over at Build it Back.   Your congregation is without a permanent place to worship. You’ve got enough money to buy a church somewhere. Why in the world would you purchase an old sorority house … Continue reading

Last minute, end of year fundraising opportunities

If you happen to be blessed at the end of this year with some extra cash that you would like to donate to some good causes, I would suggest taking a look at these: University Lutheran Chapel – Build it … Continue reading

Great Stuff — New building brings new hope for Minnesota’s ULC campus ministry

Found on Reporter Online:   By Paula Schlueter Ross Seeing and visiting the new Luther House campus-ministry center at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, has been good for junior Hannah Saunders. Last summer, Saunders, 20, was faced with the … Continue reading

ULC closes on Student House

Found on ULC’s facebook page: Great news! We have closed on the student house. May our Lord use this house for much good at the U of M and for our congregation! … Continue reading

The other half of the MNS District Campus Ministry plan

I saw this today from the Mankato Free Press.  It is an article describing the transformation of the Campus Lutheran Chapel at Minnesota State University, Mankato to “Hosanna Highland”.  The new name reflects the new owner of the chapel, Hosanna … Continue reading

Even while steeples are falling UPDATED

ULC’s demolition was completed today.  Peter Wagner, a college student at the U of MN and also a member of ULC created the following video.   Here is an updated version of it: On top of this video, there are … Continue reading

The Demolition of ULC, by Pastor Mark Preus

Found on Pastor Mark Preus’s blog, Lutheran Hymn Revival. This is a blog for me to practice writing Lutheran poetry and discussing it, especially in its hymnic form. Constructive comments are very much appreciated.   This hymn is on the … Continue reading

Steadfast Guest — ULC: Looking Back and Looking Forward though the Eyes of a Layperson

by Douglas Denzler One month ago I watched my place of worship, University Lutheran Chapel; hold is final service and close its doors forever.   The congregation was forced to leave by an eviction order by the Minnesota South District of … Continue reading

Great Stuff — ULC (MN) Final Services and Thoughts

Posted by Pastor Marcus Zill on facebook:   In case you haven’t seen all of it yet, the following page contains a lot of great links to everything (pics, video, bulletin, sermon) related to the closing service at ULC in … Continue reading

MNS Convention Update on ULC. UPDATED

The MNS Convention started conducting business today.  The elections went to the Mission Vision MNS candidates, with Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy elected District President. The convention also approved a plan to provide $2,000,000 from the sale of the ULC building … Continue reading

Save ULC – Update including a recent letter sent from MNS District to delegates AND a letter of clarification by President Harrison

There is still no word on the court case with ULC (eviction hearing).  The MNS District Convention begins on Thursday.  This letter was received today by all delegates to the convention. It does actually tell us the probable fate of … Continue reading

Great Stuff — Everybody Makes Mistakes, Part 2: Mistakes Can be Costly

Friends of ULC set up a blog in May giving some additional details about the situation the congregation finds itself in. It contains several articles that should be read, including a series on “Are these Articles of Incorporation Valid”. Today … Continue reading

Update on ULC Eviction hearing

The past two days have been filled with courtrooms for ULC and the MNS District.  The latest news is that each party has until 4 PM tomorrow to file any more briefs.  The Judge may take until Monday to render … Continue reading

Supporting resolutions for ULC stricken, “this” resolution is put to the MNS Convention. UPDATED

  The ongoing struggle over ULC, showing the deepening divisions in our Synod has a new document.  ULC has released a critical evaluation of the resolution that will be put before the Minnesota South District Convention (Resolution 5-01).  Keep in … Continue reading

ULC Legal Claims Documents

  Some new documents have put out by ULC in their cause to save their facility from being destroyed by the MNS District’s stewardship and ministry decision to sell the property to a developer.  From ULC: A new document is … Continue reading

Not the type of service you expect from a District – MNS serves eviction papers to ULC.

In the past few days there has been a sequence of bad news for University Lutheran Chapel (ULC).  First, their restraining order was vacated, allowing the Minnesota South (MNS) District to quickly move again on eviction.  More bad news came … Continue reading

Why ULC? Guest article by Noreen Linke.

I had the privilege of worshipping at University Lutheran Chapel in Minneapolis this past Sunday. ULC is near and dear to my heart, as it is for many of you. As eviction day draws near (April 30) I wanted to … Continue reading

Just over 30 days to go and ULC is still conducting faithful ministry in their building.

I just received word that tonight the saints of ULC have joined for a momentous occasion in the life of the congregation as well as in the lives of six catechumens who are being examined in order to be confirmed … Continue reading

ULC MN Comments on MNS BoD minutes and “faulty” resolution for convention.

University Lutheran Chapel has posted on their website two new documents, one which addresses the board minutes from December, and another which comments on a proposed resolution written by a member of the Minnesota South Board of Directors which has … Continue reading

University Lutheran Chapel and the Law of Love

For at least twenty years I have been puzzled about the place, or function, of ecclesiastical law (i.e., synodical constitution and bylaws) in the theology of the Lutheran church.  When there has been controversy in the church in which ecclesiastical … Continue reading

Issues, Etc. on the ULC situation with Pr. David Kind

And another blog post on the issue: Father Hollywood   Found on Issues, Etc. The Proposed Sale of University Lutheran Chapel-Minneapolis & Campus Ministry in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Pastor David Kind of University Lutheran Chapel-Minneapolis, MN … Continue reading

Finance&Commerce — Leadership votes to sell church near University of Minnesota campus

Thanks to a loyal BJS reader for pointing us to another article on the sale which provides a bit more information. This was found on the Finance&Commerce website — “the only daily publication exclusively covering business in Minnesota”:   By … Continue reading — Dinkytown church to close, make room for new complex

Found on facebook, posted from   Hundreds of emails and phone calls flooded Pastor David Kind’s University Lutheran Chapel office Wednesday after his congregation heard the church will close by the end of the year. The board of directors … Continue reading

MNS BOD meeting Sept 12-13th

The MNS BOD meets on Sept 12 & 13. It is important the they hear once again from those who oppose selling the campus ministry properties. (Actually selling the Mpls property to ULC is desired, but not to anyone else.) … Continue reading