The Catechism and the Home in 1845: Wilhelm Löhe

Luther emphasized that the Catechisms are meant not just for study by pastors, Church and school, but primarily for the Home. Fathers are to instruct their children and daily to pray the Catechism at home. The Church today cannot make … Continue reading

The Importance of The Small Catechism in 1580, 1 of 3

1580 was the year the Lutheran Book of Concord was published and adopted as the confession of what Scripture teaches. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism is included in the Book of Concord as one of the Lutheran Confessions. But how did … Continue reading

Does Jesus welcome the mentally disabled to His table? And what about infants?

I’ll lay my cards on the table right at the outset. As to the question about whether Jesus welcomes the mentally disabled to His Table, the Scriptures answer with an emphatic “yes!” But as  to the question about infants, they … Continue reading