The Evangelical Lutheran Church- Doctrine and Practice (Part 1)

One of the first district pastors’ conferences that I ever attended, and certainly one that I will always remember, was in the late 80s in Omaha, Nebraska. There was much buzz about this specific conference because of the main presenter, … Continue reading

The Evangelical Lutheran Church — True to Our Identity

 It is not easy to be a Lutheran.  At times we seem to have no identity of our own.  While Roman Catholics see us as just another type of  Protestantism, Protestants look at us as watered down Romanists.  Lutheranism is … Continue reading

The Evangelical Lutheran Church — A No Guilt Zone.

This past week the University of Nebraska announced that a new men’s basketball coach had been hired. Tim Miles, formerly at Colorado State University, would replace the recently fired lovable looser, Doc Sadler.  With the NCAA basketball world deeply focused … Continue reading

Steadfast LCMS — Lutheran by conviction.

Several years ago, on a mission trip to Haiti, I had an opportunity to spend some extra time with the now sainted Rev. Dr. Doris Jean Louis.  Many consider him to be the “father” of the Lutheran church in Haiti … Continue reading

Inquisition time–The ACELC Chairman of the Board

While I attended the 2nd annual Conference of the ACELC a few weeks ago I had the chance to sit down with Rev. Clint Poppe, the chairman of the board for the ACELC.  I had the chance to ask him … Continue reading