Stage 4 Cancer – Do Our Families Have It; or, the Sorry State of Catechization in the Home

My aunt, Gladys, was a manager in the U. S. Geological Survey. As a federal government employee, she had excellent health care. The plan included frequent checkups and examinations. But it failed her. My Dad from North Dakota visited her … Continue reading

The No-Name Evangelistic Association, or How the Faith Came to My Grandchildren

How did the Christian faith come from my grandparents to my grandchildren? It came by mission, but not by missionalism. If this mission were given a slogan, it would be, “Start true to reach true.” Truth was the first thing. … Continue reading

Advent in the home — Guest article by Holly Scheer

Advent has begun again. It’s easy and tempting to treat Advent as a pre-Christmas but it’s so much more. Advent is waiting for the coming of Christ. It’s a time of remembrance and expectation. It’s exciting, all on it’s own. … Continue reading

“Engaging Families With Jesus”: ELS Convention Essay

One of the highlights of the ELS Convention each year is the essay, which focuses on some particular doctrine or practice of the church. This year’s essay, connected to the overall vision statement of the synod, “Engage Others With Jesus,” … Continue reading

God loved the world so that He gave.

God loved the World So that He Gave His only Son the lost to save That all who would in Him believe Should everlasting life receive. God is all about life.  God did not create life for death.  Death is … Continue reading

Evangelical thoughts about Youth Ministry, somewhat useful for Lutherans.

Found the following post on While it’s not a Lutheran site, and there’s some things very wrong with it, the overall point is notable for Lutheran parents. A quote from the article: The 20-somethings who are serving, leading, and … Continue reading