Martin Chemnitz on Good Works

The Augsburg Confession and the Apology set forth the reasons thus: It is necessary to do good works commanded by God, not that we may trust to earn grace by them, but because of the will and command of God, … Continue reading

Why Do We Distinguish Between Sins? by Martin Chemnitz

203 Do the Remains of Sin Exist and Remain in the Reborn in This Life? They by all means are and remain. For though [the reborn] are ruled by the Holy Spirit, yet they complain that nothing good dwells in … Continue reading

Chemnitz on The Duties of the Pastor

Martin Chemnitz (1522-86) was one of the principle figures in the Lutheran Reformation. A good case could be made that he is the person most responsible for the defense and promotion of the true Orthodox Lutheran faith after Martin Luther. … Continue reading

Steadfast Chemnitz — Introduction

When I was asked to write for brothers of John the Steadfast, at first I was reluctant. I’m a new pastor, less than a year in the ministry, and did not feel up to the task. But my friend who … Continue reading