My “bad”: How a desperate Jesus First will distort and deflect (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

The political machine known as “Jesus First” is revving up into high gear and has begun sending newsletters to convention delegates. Their “Special Edition” Delegate Letter #1 (a pdf file) is a case study in how a desperate Jesus First … Continue reading

Jesus First on low nominations: We meant to do that! (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

I’m sure you’ve seen a TV show or movie where the character slips and falls awkwardly, and then, in an attempt to save face, gets up and says, “I meant to do that!” Well, that’s kind of what the political … Continue reading

Jesus First, “Spamming the Globe . . .” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

“Jesus First” is the political action committee that wants to keep the synod moving . . . in a power-centralizing, liberal-driven, church growther-oriented direction. In the last couple of weeks, Jesus First has been “spamming the globe” with a mass … Continue reading

Jesus First, aka JerryPAC: “Reporting for duty!” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Jesus First–aka JerryPAC, Geezers First, Jesus’ Fist, and ***us First–is back and gearing up the machinery for another campaign. Like John Kerry standing on the stage and saluting, the political-action committee that helped elect Jerry Kieschnick sent out two e-mails … Continue reading