Real Men Catechize their Children

Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche was the title of a best-selling book by Bruce Feirstein published in 1982. Supposedly, a real man would eat egg and bacon pie if his wife made it, she served it to him, and she … Continue reading

Stage 4 Cancer – Do Our Families Have It; or, the Sorry State of Catechization in the Home

My aunt, Gladys, was a manager in the U. S. Geological Survey. As a federal government employee, she had excellent health care. The plan included frequent checkups and examinations. But it failed her. My Dad from North Dakota visited her … Continue reading

The Catechism and the Home in 1845: Wilhelm Löhe

Luther emphasized that the Catechisms are meant not just for study by pastors, Church and school, but primarily for the Home. Fathers are to instruct their children and daily to pray the Catechism at home. The Church today cannot make … Continue reading

Advent in the home — Guest article by Holly Scheer

Advent has begun again. It’s easy and tempting to treat Advent as a pre-Christmas but it’s so much more. Advent is waiting for the coming of Christ. It’s a time of remembrance and expectation. It’s exciting, all on it’s own. … Continue reading

“Engaging Families With Jesus”: ELS Convention Essay

One of the highlights of the ELS Convention each year is the essay, which focuses on some particular doctrine or practice of the church. This year’s essay, connected to the overall vision statement of the synod, “Engage Others With Jesus,” … Continue reading

Steadfast Dads — Family Worship

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” – Matthew 6:33 Bringing your children to church is your first duty.  Bringing church to your children is your second duty.  … Continue reading