Great Stuff Found on the Web — The Status of Unionism on Worldview Everlasting

Found on Worldview Everlasting:   UNIONISM!! SYNCRETISM!!! AskDaPastor 2.0 takes on a current event question. Why don’t faithful Lutherans commune with other denominations? Why don’t faithful Lutherans take part in worship services with other religions? Pastor Fisk answers perhaps one … Continue reading

Videos from the 2013 BJS Conference… to be updated.

  The conference is over, but the instruction continues.  Courtesy of Peter Slayton’s expertise, we have videos from the conference presentations, stand up comedy routine, and sermons of the conference. The first is the presentation of Pr. Jonathan Fisk on … Continue reading

Worldview Everlasting — Real Ultimate Potato Salad

I’m sure most of you follow Pastor Fisk’s Worldview Everlasting and especially his Greek 2sdays, but he just came out with the newest concept — episode 1 of Cooking with Rev Fisk! Many years ago when the kids were young … Continue reading