Your Family As Impetus For Daily Prayer

Throughout my twenties, I remained unmarried.  That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I was able to pursue my education without other distractions.  Serving a parish as a single man had a lot of advantages too.  I was able to devote … Continue reading

Real Men Catechize their Children

Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche was the title of a best-selling book by Bruce Feirstein published in 1982. Supposedly, a real man would eat egg and bacon pie if his wife made it, she served it to him, and she … Continue reading

Steadfast Dads — Authority

The last topic we addressed was discipline.  Children need to learn an attitude.  They need to learn humility more than they need to learn rules.  Rules change as we grow older.  The humble attitude remains.  Love does not exalt itself.  … Continue reading

Steadfast Dads — The First Duty of a Dad

I would like to thank Pastor Scheer for this opportunity to contribute to Steadfast Lutherans.  The topic of Christian fatherhood is always a vital one, and this is so especially today in the midst of confusion – also among Christians … Continue reading