A Circuit Meeting Taught Me Again the Importance of the Liturgy

  Before our circuit meetings, the pastors come together for the Divine Service.  In a recent meeting, a retired pastor was the preacher.  He wore a sports jacket and tie.  He did not preach from the pulpit. He prefaced the … Continue reading

Walking in Di$agreement

During the 2013 Synodical Convention in St. Louis it was a great blessing to witness the affirmation of altar and pulpit fellowship between the LCMS and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia (ELCL), and the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC). … Continue reading

Climbing the High Dive

Every year in January my congregation holds a special assembly. We call this gathering our “Getting Organized” meeting. At the meeting this past year, I presented the results of an informal survey I conducted. Essentially, I called the local Methodist, … Continue reading

You know what happens when you assume, right?

I received a phone call from a member of my congregation, one who is not necessarily regular in her attendance, but she does attend often enough that I’ve never felt the need to question her devotion. She left a message, … Continue reading

A Reflection on the Commemoration of Martin Luther, Doctor and Reformer, 18 February, 1546, and the Commemoration of the Seminex Walkout, 19 February, 1974

This reflection is a comparison between two commemorations.  The first one is the death of Martin Luther, Doctor and Confessor, 18 November, 1546 and the second, the walkout at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis on 19 February, 1974.  This reflection was … Continue reading

Changes in ELCA Seminaries

Head of Luther Seminary in St. Paul resigns amid financial woes Article by: ROSE FRENCH , Star Tribune Updated: December 11, 2012 – 9:42 PM School announces search for new president after losing nearly $4 million last school year. The president of Luther … Continue reading

Differences between the ELCA and LCMS, with links, being updated

A few years back I took on the task of researching the official beliefs of the ELCA and comparing them to official beliefs of the LCMS.  I went through their websites and tried to cite literally and reference where things … Continue reading

CTCR responds to the ELCA “Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust” Statement

In 2009 the ELCA adopted their statement “Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust” which allowed for them to now ordain practicing homosexuals into the pastoral office as well as be militant voices in support of the homosexual agenda sweeping across the … Continue reading

Wawa Theology

A dear colleague, friend and mentor, Rev. Arthur J. Henne is a ’57 graduate of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP).  He is a retired ELCA pastor.  In the Lutheran Church in America (LCA), a predecessor denom to the … Continue reading

Charles Porterfield Krauth’s Three Steps to Doctrinal and Ecclesial “Nihilism”

In an excellent paper by Rev. Prof. David  Jay Webber,   Charles Porterfield Krauth: The American Chemnitz, Prof. Webber gives a concise history of Rev. Krauth and his immense contribution to the true Evangelical Lutheran Church and as it is … Continue reading

LCMS Congregation Becoming an ELCA Congregation

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Gilroy, California, is changing denominational affiliations from the LCMS to the ELCA. Although Good Shepherd is Missouri Synod, the congregation doesn’t function like one, says Ron. Callers “need to know that we use the worship … Continue reading

“I can’t tell you how thrilled and excited I am.”

At the same Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly of the ELCA, on February 18th, the following occurred:  “Minneapolis-area Lutherans Oppose Marriage Amendment”  and “Svennungsen is  new bishop of ELCA’s Minneapolis synod”  They go together hand-in-hand.  The former was legalized in the … Continue reading

Church as Minor Clerk in Caesar’s Court

Back in November, my brother-in-law, called me up because he was quite upset.  First, he and his family are members of an ELCA congregation.  His angst was over the pastor’s approving inclusion of a letter by Rev. Mark Hanson, the … Continue reading

Benke participates in worship service with ELCA, according to ELCA news release (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

It was ten years ago today, on September 23, 2001, that Atlantic District President David Benke participated in the interfaith prayer service “A Prayer for America” in New York City. Benke had previously participated in an interfaith prayer service on … Continue reading

“Oh, Blest the Homosexual” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Before I get to the song, let me post my responses first. Pick the one that fits best: A. Yes, I know I’m a sinner too. B. Yes, I want homosexuals to repent and be saved. C. Yes, I’m well … Continue reading

“God’s Good Order of–and in–Marriage” (Sermon on Ephesians 5:22-33, by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

“God’s Good Order of–and in–Marriage” (Ephesians 5:22-33) You know, it’s really kind of stupid when we think we know better than our Creator. I mean, think about it: Doesn’t it make sense that the God who created us would know … Continue reading

“E.L.C.A.” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Click the music link and sing along! E.L.C.A. Tune: “Y.M.C.A.” “Luth’ran” Doesn’t mean quite the same As what you’ve been Taught to know by that name. We’re removin’ All the scandal and shame Of a church that stands for something. … Continue reading