To Encourage Further Support for Campus Ministry

Here are a couple of additional resolved’s that could be added to the below overture, and/or worded a bit better. RESOLVED, that the LCMS encourage the title holders of existing campus ministry Chapels to regard these properties as sacred trusts … Continue reading

Campus Ministry Announcement

Text from Facebook: Join us in upholding in prayer Pastor Ian Pacey, Pastor Jay Winters and Pastor Marcus Zill, new campus ministry coordinators for the LCMS affirmed today in chapel. We pray the Lord blesses their efforts to strengthen and … Continue reading

Campus Ministry Update from the Pacific Southwest

Typically I write for Brothers of John the Steadfast on apologetics, an area of special interest. However, in this article I take a brief diversion from the regular scheduled apologetics column to report on another area that is near and dear … Continue reading

Great Stuff — ULC (MN) Final Services and Thoughts

Posted by Pastor Marcus Zill on facebook:   In case you haven’t seen all of it yet, the following page contains a lot of great links to everything (pics, video, bulletin, sermon) related to the closing service at ULC in … Continue reading

Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — A Pick from the Archives

A Pick from the Archives This week’s pick is from the pre-cancelation days of Issues, Etc. and it’s a Sunday night national show on campus ministry with Pr. Marcus Zill. [podcast][/podcast] [podcast][/podcast] Pr. Zill discusses the challenges of campus ministry … Continue reading

Brick and Mortar

Note: This article was originally written in February, 2012 shortly after the PSW Board of Directors placed the ULC at UCLA on its sale list. Sadly, the latest news from the ULC at UMN is heartwrenching; their last service will be held this coming Sunday, June … Continue reading

Steadfast on Campus — A Cry for Help and a Wish List

Your graduating seniors are heading off to college.  They’re leaving the herd and the lion is waiting. For some of them, this may be the last time sitting in the pew of a Lutheran church—it may be the last time … Continue reading

Just over 30 days to go and ULC is still conducting faithful ministry in their building.

I just received word that tonight the saints of ULC have joined for a momentous occasion in the life of the congregation as well as in the lives of six catechumens who are being examined in order to be confirmed … Continue reading

Steadfast On Campus — A Common Order

I couldn’t help but follow the discussion on BJS concerning the topic of worship wars titled “Every Sunday Pro-Choice Sunday?” (Who cares that it’s March Madness!—I’m becoming a BJS addict and I admit it.) This topic captivated me because of … Continue reading