Responding to a Hit Piece against the Doctrine of Christ

Recently the Biblical Archaeology Review website republished a short article on Codex Sinaiticus. The article was titled: “What’s Missing from Codex Sinaiticus, the Oldest New Testament? Compare differences between the King James Version and Codex Sinaiticus.” [Attributed to the “Biblical … Continue reading

God Tirelessly Working for Humanity

GOD TIRELESSLY WORKING FOR HUMANITY A Review of Rev. Mark J. Cares book: God The Ultimate Humanitarian I learned of Pastor Cares through his very fine book on witnessing to Mormons, Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons, in the … Continue reading

Baptismal Regeneration: A False Gospel?

I am consistently amazed at the visceral reaction of those who deny the efficacy of Baptism to any talk about how Baptism is efficacious. One person wrote a long response to my article, “Three Examples of How Lutherans DenyJustification by … Continue reading

Three Examples of How Lutherans Deny Justification by Faith Alone: A Response – Part Two of Two

This is the second part of my response to the blog article, “How Lutherans Implicitly Deny Faith Alone in Christ Alone.” Three Examples of How Lutherans Deny Justification by Faith Alone: A Response – Part Two of Two 3) Loss … Continue reading

Three Examples of How Lutherans Deny Justification by Faith Alone: A Response – Part One of Two

This blog article, “How Lutherans Implicitly Deny Faith Alone in Christ Alone,” showed up in my Facebook news feed a couple days ago. I usually allow things like this to drift past without a second glance. This one, however, I … Continue reading

Suffering as the Key to Evangelism

Recently I was up at the hospital providing pastoral care to one of my members. As usual, I was wearing my clerical attire, and, as often happens, this gave me an opportunity to share the Gospel with someone I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

Steadfast Throwdown Series on Luther’s Catechisms

Steadfast Throwdown on KNGN and Pirate Christian Radio has started a series of interviews that focus on the structure and use of Martin Luther’s Catechisms in personal, family, and congregational devotional life. This first program discuses what a Catechism is, … Continue reading

Apologetics 101, Part 3: An Outline of the Historical Argument for Christianity

‘The view of all serious historians of antiquity of every kind, from committed evangelical Christians to hardcore atheists is that the oldest and best sources we have for knowing about the life of Jesus are the works of Matthew, Mark, … Continue reading

Keep the Merry…and the Myth

“Keep the Merry…Dump the Myth.” According to a recent Fox News article, that’s the message the New Jersey chapter of American Atheists being shared with visitors in Times Square this Christmas, er sorry, winter solstice celebration season. In recent years, … Continue reading

The Great Pumpkin and Other Silly Arguments Against Christianity

Every year when All Hallows Eve comes around I look forward to It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  Clever wit. Humor and fun-loving characters.  Nostalgia.  Charlie Brown has it all.  But it’s not all tricks and treats when it comes … Continue reading

Apologetics 101, Part 2: Method Prevents Madness

“Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance” – British Army adage. This statement is equally true on the battlefield of Christian apologetics. In part 1 we began to answer the question, “what is truth?” And in order to answer that question … Continue reading

Everyone Loves A Conspiracy: Jesus’ Wife and the Gnostic Gospels

I’m afraid the title of this post is a bit misleading. But then again, so are the titles of nearly all the media reports about the recent “Jesus-Wife-Manuscript”. So, if you came here to revel in the hysteria, you’ve come … Continue reading

Apologetics 101, Part 1: Evaluating Truth Claims

What is truth? Which truth? Whose truth? Yours? Mine? This spiritual figure or that? His holy book or hers? Which religious claim to truth is the real one? Will the real religion please stand up?! While it is entirely possible … Continue reading

Biblical Apologetics, Part 3

For Part 1 click here. For Part 2 click here. On more than one occasion, Luke records that the Gospel proclaimed by the apostles “turned the world upside down.” In Acts 17 it was Athens’s turn to be capsized. Jerusalem … Continue reading

Contradictions Don’t Coexist

Thanks to Issues Etc. and Table Talk Radio we are far more aware of “bumper sticker theology” than we used to be. Religious positions are a dime a dozen, as are the cheap, never-gonna-scrape-that-off-your-bumper stickers you see on the road these … Continue reading

Biblical Apologetics, Part 2

I was by now too experienced in my literary criticism to regard the Gospels as myths.  They had not the mythical taste…if ever a myth had become fact, had been incarnated, it would be just like this.  And nothing else … Continue reading

Toward an Apologetic of Mercy, Part 2

Click here for part 1 of Toward an Apologetic of Mercy Our secular, materialistic society (the zeitgeist) is remarkably similar to that of Roman paganism.  Today the tendency is to live within and for one’s self.  Just look at the top-selling books … Continue reading

Toward an Apologetic of Mercy, Part 1

Apologia and Diakonia.  Two Biblical Greek words that seem to have nothing in common with each other.  And yet, they have increasingly become a part of Christian vocabulary, and for good reason.  Apologia, loosely defined, is defending the faith, apologetics.  … Continue reading

A Primer on the Problem of Evil

One of the more frequent objections to Christianity is the problem of evil. Typically it’s phrased the following way: “If a good and loving God exists, why is does evil exist (i.e. the Holocaust and the terror attacks of September … Continue reading

Biblical Apologetics, Part 1

Logical, philosophically reasonable arguments can – and indeed, must – be used in the defense of the Christian faith. But are Christians able to claim Biblical precedent for apologetics? Is it right for Christians to understand that Holy Writ teaches and … Continue reading

Steadfast ELS — Confess and Defend

The 95th annual convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS) is fast upon us. It will begin with “Synod Sunday” services and a picnic (our conventions are like a big family reunion) on the Bethany Lutheran College campus on June … Continue reading

Seismic Apologetics

Matthew 27:45-54 45 Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land. 46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My … Continue reading

Lutheran and Reformed Apologetics: An Overview

You know there it ends. Yo, it depends on where you start – Everlast, What It’s Like. You’ve all been there before: that algebraic formula that starts with the logical precision of a Vulcan only to wind up looking worse than … Continue reading

The Inconvenient Truth of Easter

If you’re lucky this time of the year you might be able to find – tucked away in the farthest corner of the clearance section – a greeting card that actually mentions a few words about the true meaning of … Continue reading

St. Mark, Evangelist and Apologist

Wednesday was the feast day of St. Mark. His Gospel is often symbolized as the winged lion for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah whom he proclaims. He lives up to his title, evangelist. He is the good news … Continue reading