Critical Synodical News – Concordia Professors supports Bill Ayers

It is hard to believe but seven professors at one of our Concordia’s (Concordia – Chicago, formerly Concordia River Forest) have signed a petition in support of William Ayers the unrepentant domestic terror bomber.

Here is the original article  that we ran on this shocking story.

Click here for a story we posted that explains why this is so wrong.

We contacted the president of the institution and we believe his response was weak and unnacceptable. You can decide for yourself by clicking here.

Our synodical schools are turning secular and it is hurting our image and compromising our confession of the true faith.

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Critical Synodical News – Concordia Professors supports Bill Ayers — 1 Comment

  1. I too am shocked and disappointed to learn that members of the faculty of Concordia-Chicago has signed a petition of endorsement for William Ayers, an aknowledged athiestic domestic terrorist. Earlier this year, faculty members of the philosopy department of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) had extended an invitation to Mr. Ayers to address the student body on one of his social ideologies. When the news of this invitation was made public, a state-wide furor of objection arose against the UNL for extending such an invitation. Strong objections was expressed by many different individuals and organizations, including our own Gov. Heinemann himself. As a result of strong state-wide statements of objection, the invitation to Mr. Ayers was withdrawn. We had here a combination of both secular and religious statements opposing the provision of any platform for Mr. Ayers to espouse his ideologies. Now, I am most disappointed that our own church sponsored Concordia College-Chicago has faculty who publicly will sign petitions of support for Mr. Ayers. I am not informed about their reasons for such actions. Yet their very actions display a most offensive witness both to the University and to Gospel of our Lord in being unequally yoked to a professed unbeliever. I would exprect that both Dr. Johnson and Pres. Kieschnick express the same statement of objection as did the Chancelor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln expressed and withdrew the invitation.

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