Steadfast in …

We have several authors on BJS who write mainly in a specific subject area.


Steadfast Chemnitz

Pastor Brian Bucklew

Steadfast in Education

Pastor Daniel Hinton, Associate Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church and School, Cheyenne, WY.

Steadfast Dads

Pastor Rolf Preus, Pastor with 12 children, several pastors or studying to join the ministry.

Steadfast Moms

Dort Preus

Steadfast in the City

Pastor Joshua Gale

General Steadfast Authors

Pastor Todd Wilken
Mollie Z. Hemingway
Pastor Charles Henrickson

Steadfast Editor

Editor’s Blog by Pastor Rossow

Steadfast Associate Editor

Pastor Joshua Scheer

Steadfast in Worship

Pastor Nathan Higgins
Pastor Joshua Osbun

Steadfast in Song (after Easter)

Pastor Mark Preus

Steadfast Youth (after Easter)

Pastor David Ramirez

Steadfast LCMS

Pastor Clint Poppe

Steadfast in Seminary

Andrew Preus
Robert Paul

Steadfast WELS

Pastor Paul Rydecki

Steadfast from ELCA

Pastor Mark Schroeder

Steadfast Sermons

Pastor Tony Sikora

Steadfast ELS

Pastor Shawn Stafford

Steadfast on Campus

Pastor John Wegener

Steadfast at Home

Rev. Mark Lovett

Steadfast on the Web

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