What is the LutheranWiktionary

The project came about because some of the articles on the BJS site are getting technical enough that some words may not be understood by our readers. We looked around and decided that there was no central location where terms could be defined as we know them in lutheran circles .. so we created the LutheranWiktionary!

The LutheranWiktionary is an attempt to come up with a centralized “definition” of those terms that we use in lutheranism — people may not know exactly what the words actually mean, OR it may be in the denomination they grew up with they used the same term but assigned a different meaning to it.

The site is brand new! We need words that you, the public, don’t understand or perhaps think it needs a definition. If you don’t know the definition, don’t worry! We’ll find someone to define it and add it to the site.

It doesn’t have to be a word on the BJS site! If you encounter a word anywhere on the web that you don’t understand or think others may not understand, or is used differently in different faith groups, submit it here for a lutheran understanding of that word.

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