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This page can be found at It was made with a short URL to make it easier to type. This page has additional information to back up what was said in the letter.

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Read the letter from Scott Diekmann

Here is additional information about this topic.

Legal Documents filed by the LCMS regarding Harry Madsen’s Trademark application.

Pr. Henrickson’s article about bringing lawsuits only when they suit you.

From Mollie Hemmingway about the costs involved in bringing lawsuits.

The letter from LCMS lawyers threatening legal action unless the issue is resolved.

A comment from Pr. Cwirla regarding vocation.

BOD resolution, with link to legal document sent to Pr. Wilken and Mr. Schwarz.

Information from on the trademark dispute


Additional information on the Issues, Etc. Trademark Online Petition — 2 Comments

  1. I completely agree that the LCMS is wrong for suing. I am reluctant to sign because of the language used that seems to be stating 1 Corinthians labels all suing sinful. Paul uses the words “shame” and “defeat”, but to imply suing is sin causes me to hesitate, for it then supports a position contrary to where I understand we hold to.

  2. Very good point Douglas. When necessary, Christians are free to make use of the civil court system.

    Pastor Rossow

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