Today’s Question and Answer segment is fascinating. All of you who wanted answers about what happened to Issues, Etc. (vis-a-vis KFUO and the LCMS) should listen.

About those 64 live listeners, David Strand . . .

Mollie here. Another great day for Issues, Etc. Petition-signer Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., dropped by to discuss policy issues of concern to constituents. Shimkus, who is a member of an LCMS congregation, provided assistance to Jeff and Todd in getting … Continue reading

News From the CLCC (Confessional Lutherans for Christ’s Commission)

(by Pr. Rob Jarvis, Zion Lutheran Church, Morris, Minnesota)   “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that … Continue reading

Media coverage of Issues, Etc.

Mollie here. Aaron Wolf over at Chronicles reports on the return of Issues, Etc. … Continue reading

“Your Grandfather’s Church” is a Litmus Test of the Steadfast

(Pr. Walter Otten) Naperville, Illinois is an interesting place to visit. It has a long and well-preserved history, highlighted by Naper Settlement, a re-creation of past lifestyles in this now-booming city. The citizens of this town commemorated the beginning of … Continue reading

Too Lutheran for a Lutheran radio station

Mollie here. I just finished listening to my “on-demand” Issues, Etc. day two. Another fantastic day. I learned how to pronounce Chris Rosebrough’s name. I heard the smooth-voiced Craig Parton talk about substance and style in theology and worship. My … Continue reading

Issues, Etc. Day One

Mollie here. Apparently the live station for listening to Issues, Etc. was flooded yesterday and some people couldn’t get on. My husband, my mother and I all got on but my dad and various friends here in DC, Michigan and … Continue reading

Just Don’t Call it “Fellowship”

(Donna Linnemeyer) As the Program Administrator for a large congregation, I find myself organizing many “fellowship” activities throughout the year.   After many years I have to admit that I really enjoy this facet of my job.   I love … Continue reading

Favorite Quotes from the Petition Site

(Twice a month for the next few months we will be featuring our favorite quotes from the “Bring Back Issues, Etc.” petition site. The quotes are selected and introduced by BJS Steering Committee member Ron Revels. The number in the … Continue reading

Sorry About the Blackout

(from Pastor Rossow) I apologize for the several hours we were off line today (Monday). My best guess is that it was from around 3 PM central to around 9 PM central. I was so intent on listening to the … Continue reading

The Athanasian Creed

(from Pastor Preus) I had an experience a couple of weeks ago which made me believe that the church and possibly even the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is getting stronger and more vibrant. After Divine Services on Trinity Sunday a … Continue reading

Need Your Input on Use of the Word “Ministry”

(from Pastor Rossow) I thought I would highlight a comment that I posted in answer to an excellent post by Luke (responding to Pastor Simcak’s  insightful article on missionaries).   Here is Luke’s post: Yah, our missionary situation is a … Continue reading

Issues, Etc. returns on Monday!

Mollie here. Just got this note from Todd . . . Everyone: In case you haven’t heard… Issues, Etc. will re-debut this Monday, June 30, 3:05pm CST. The show will be LIVE and on demand from 3:05-5:00 at The … Continue reading

A Few Thoughts After 24 Hrs. Live

Thank you for bearing with us as we learn by doing how to manage a super-sized website. We have learned alot and will continue to grow, hopefully not only in the Lord’s grace but in yours also as we take … Continue reading

Missionaries! or Missionaries?

(Texas Confessional Lutherans) Tucked away in small print in the October REPORTER is the following paragraph: In addition, the Board for Mission Services has 69 missionaries serving throughout the world. There are 27 ordained clergymen serving as missionaries. Two observations … Continue reading

Do you have a face for radio?

(from Mollie) Let’s face it — Todd Wilken is good on the radio. He is engaging, quick-witted and funny. You can listen to his show while driving or running and it’s just good radio. There are other Lutherans who would … Continue reading

Pew and Lutherans

(from Mollie) Gene Veith pointed the way to a few other bloggers who have been looking at the LCMS-specific numbers coming out of that massive Pew report on religion in America: The survey found that only 84% are absolutely certain … Continue reading

Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Presentation of the AC

On Wednesday, June 25, 2008, the 478th anniversary of the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession, a group of Southern Illinois District pastors gathered at Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church UAC, Fairview Heights, Illinois, for a Day of Prayer and Fasting. This … Continue reading

Reflections on June 25th – Our Confession Then and Now

(from Pastor Preus) “Most gracious Emperor, this is a Confession that will even prevail against the gates of hell, with the grace and help of God.” So said Gregory Bruck to Emperor Charles V on June 25, 1530. He spoke … Continue reading

June 25, 2008

Continue reading

Some introductory comments from Klemet Preus

“We’re going to pick up here where Issues Etc. left off…truly independent, free to speak, no holds barred…Christ centered and cross focused.” Those were certainly welcome words as countless erstwhile pod casters readied themselves for the impending daily dose of … Continue reading

Greetings, earthlings!

Welcome to my new blog here at John the Steadfast. Unlike the theological heavyweights who are also blogging and writing here, I plan to keep things a bit more low-brow. We’ll discuss news and events in Lutheranism and the wider … Continue reading

Welcome to BJS

Welcome to the BJS Website Welcome to the Brothers of John the Steadfast (BJS) website. The Brothers of John the Steadfast has been organized to bring the laity together to support the new Lutheran confessional media and ironically, in the … Continue reading

Internet Site of the Month

Rev. William Cwirla, Holy Trinity, Hacienda Heights, California Blogging at Rev. Cwirla’s Blogosphere, and Blogosphere Underground, Many of our readers may be familiar with Pastor Cwirla’s name from his work with Higher Things, the confessional Lutheran youth organization. … Continue reading

It’s not all a bed of Roses –

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