Nominate Matt Harrison for Synod President

Ballots to nominate a Synod President (and VP’s) are already in congregations hands. Pr Charles Henrickson has written an article on the procedure to submit nominations. A count of congregations that nominated each person is given at the synod convention in Houston, so getting many congregations to submit a nomination leads to more support for a given candidate.

Please read Pastor Henrickson’s article and get your church to submit a nomination. If you have no idea who to nominate, there are various lists circulating around the web, including the United List. If you know of another list, please contact us.

If you can here from the video and want to see the original charts, they are found here.

You should also find out who your delegates are (you have one pastor and one lay delegate from each electoral circuit in the LCMS) and talk to them about the issues you see in the LCMS.

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