My Favorite Beer (Brewers stories welcome)


My Favorite Beer (Brewers stories welcome) — 105 Comments

  1. For regular drinking, I like pretty much anything made by Blue Moon and higher level macros like Budweiser Black Crown. Guinness is wonderful, and the New Belguim Brewing Company also makes wonderful brews (the Ranger IPA was the most intensely flavored beer I’ve had so far). However, I haven’t come across a beer that I won’t drink.

  2. for one who actually enjoys the taste of beer, my go to is Yuengling Traditional Lager. I enjoy the Samuel Adams specialty beers for the different seasons.

  3. Pray for me sirs as I am making a huge transition in my life. I think I’m a Lutheran. I have been studying the Bible in light of Lutheran theology versus my upbringing in baptist style and Calvinistic churches. Finally though, some lovers of Christ who aren’t afraid to say he loved wine! My preference these days are my beautiful Pacific Northwest’s IPAs and doubles. I also love Guinness and a few cream stouts.
    Also, any advice to give me when my family or others try to convince me that alcohol is inherently evil?

  4. My husband (raised full gospel and myself raised Catholic) tried Baptist, Reformed, Presbyterian, Methodist, and non-denominational, have both been confessional LCMS members 6+yrs now. What a blessed relief to simply believe what God’s Word says and be bathed in his grace each Sunday for my sin. Love, love, love going to church now. We call it our spiritual chemo-therapy for a sin cancer that’s incurable. Concerning alcohol, man is inherently sinful, evil, deceitful…, not anything in God’s creation. Deut 14:26 and Ecclesiastes 9:7- fruits of honest labor; Judges 9:13, Psalm 104:15, Proverbs 31:6-7–a means to gladden the heart and relieve sorrow; Matthew 26:27-29- a remembrance of things to come; 1 Tim 5:23 a remedy for ailments. This does not mean we should abuse it and drunkenness is forbidden . I say we are not to be gluttons but that doesn’t mean food or eating is a sin. Same goes for alcohol. As far as appearances, it is man who looks on the outward, God knows the heart. The most pious outwardly may be condemned by God. You’ll love being a Lutheran. I know I’m not a brother, but hope this helps.

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